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Photo Gallery

J-Rocc enters the ring

J-Rocc takes Dirk Ciglar by the hair

J-Rocc shows Ciglar to give it up one time

J-Rocc stretches Dirk Ciglar

Ciglar gives it right back to J-Rocc

J-Rocc and Zubov in a heated battle

J-Rocc chops Prince Juggalo

J-Rocc smiles for the camera

Froggy Style!

J-Rocc suplexes The Prophet

J-Rocc takes on Sheik Hassan

Stretching the Sheik

NEPW Triple Crown Champion

J-Rocc poses against Chris Sabin

Taking it to Josh Prohibition

Eddie Edwards forms a regime

The 1st Regime in CAPW

Capturing tag team gold in CAPW

CAPW Tag Team Champion

Tracey Smothers joins a regime

Prince Juggalo suplexes J-Rocc

Richard Weede vandaminates J-Rocc

J-Rocc flyin high!

J-Rocc tries to talk to Richard Weede

J-Rocc and Richard Weede high together

J-Rocc stalks JT Lightning

J-Rocc goes froggy on Dick Trimmons

J-Rocc and Chris Hamrick after a war

J-Rocc and Hamrick in the cage

J-Rocc berates a referee

Richard Weede takes flight on J-Rocc

J-Rocc always sets the place on fire

J-Rocc takes a superkick from Al B Damm

J-Rocc smiles after beating Chris Sabin

Chris Hamrick is insane!!

J-Rocc runs for cover from Hamricks assault

Hamrick teaches J-Rocc a new way to stretch

J-Rocc shows he learned well

J-Rocc getting beatdown by Richard Weede

J-Rocc still getting beat like a dog

The aftermatch of war with Richard Weede

J-Rocc forced to wear a dress

J-Rocc elbows Richard Weede

J-Rocc and Christopher Daniels team up

J-Rocc dives onto Hot Commodity

J-Rocc & Gangrel pose for a fan

J-Rocc pounds JT Lightning inside the cage

Another battle with TNA X Champ Chris Sabin

Sheik Hassan finds pleasure in J-Rocc's pain

J-Rocc always has time to talk

Une Mas Tiempo Por J-Rocc

Once again, Richard Weede is gonna hulk up

One Hitter Quitter on Adam Cage

J-Rocc takes out Confederate Currency

Another one smoked under the table

Not even Chris Sabin escapes the One Hitter Quitter

Ghetto Fabulous in nashville for TNA

Ghetto Fabulous at NWA-TNA

The Big Daddy of Destruction taking over TNA
10/04 UWC Akron,OH
10/08 Extreme War Cleveland,OH
10/11 UWC Akron,OH
10/18 UWC Akron,OH
10/22 PWR Erie,PA
10/29 IWC McKeesport,PA
11/19 Extreme War Euclid,OH
11/20 IWC Uniontown,PA
11/27 IWC McKeesport,PA
12/03 IWC Oil City,PA
12/06 UWC TV Akron,OH
12/13 UWC TV Akron,OH
12/20 UWC TV Akron,OH
12/27 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/03 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/07 IWC Uniontown,PA
01/10 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/14 UWC Akron,OH
01/17 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/24 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/28 IWC McKeesport,PA
02/11 Extreme War Cleveland,OH
02/12 Extreme War Sandusky,OH
02/18 IWC McKeesport,PA