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SEPTEMBER 19 2005 UPDATE - Wow, so many great things have gone down since the last time I updated the site, i hardly know where to begin. In the Pittsburgh-based IWC (, I have been busy all summer long embroiled in a nasty little fued with my now-ex partner Troy Lords against the young IWC team ofd the Gambino Brothers. The fued escalted to a fans bring the weapons streetfight in Uniontown ,PA which I thought was good and the people really enjoyed, and then culminated a few weeks back with the good old loser wears a dress stipulation. How does that match always find its way to me, I'll never know, but its like being extremely fat with bad cholesterol, no sex life, a fast food fetish and multiple festering heart conditions and lingering STD's are to Chandler Biggins,it sticks with ya until you die. Oh well, at least I just have to wear dresses now and then, that Biggins guy, now, well, please remember him in your prayers. Dont know who he is you say? No one does, actually! Anyways back to things that actually matter, after the dress debacle, I promptly proceeded to destroy Troy Lords and end our relationship of convenience. Its time to take it to another level in the IWC this fall, and it starts now. We shall see where it goes from here. Also over the summer, I competed for the Extreme War promotion in Cleveland in one of the best, if not THE BEST match of my young career, in a 4 way dance between myself, Dave Demarco (formerly known as 8-Pac), Fabulous John McChesney and the phenomenal AJ Styles. Words cant do it justice, but I reccomend you see it for yourself and get the DVD from as it becomes available, or the match will also be included on the Best of J-Rocc Volume 3, which will be available early this Fall. Speaking of Extreme War, their next event is set for October 8 in Cleveland, where I am currently booked against WWE's Tough Enough star and OVW Head Trainer Al Snow w/Head. Also on the card will be 8 other matches and it will be a great evening of wrestling action in C-Town, check it out if you can! In the Akron based UWC, Adam Cage and myself have begun teaming up and went on a tremendous roll, culminating with our capturing of the UWC Tag Team Titles from Virus and Unknown in early September, and all of their info is available at The 2005 edition of the PWI Top 500 Stars in Wrestling magazine came out and for the 6th straight year, I was ranked and would like to thank the editors for recognizing me for such a long run, not many people are able to stay in it year in and year out, and I appreciate it. Also, last month, I made my WWE debut live in my hometown of Cleveland at the Gund Arena, getting assaulted by The Big Red Machine on a live edition of Monday Night Raw, and it was tremendous. Any of you out there who missed it, the archived footage is available 24 hours a day at under the July 25, 2005 RAW video archives. As if that wasnt big enough, this past weekend "The Franchise" Shane Douglas brought his ECW reunion tour "Hardcore Homecoming" to Cleveland at the famed Agora ballroom and the next night to Pittsburgh and the home of ECW's largest paid attendance record to this day, The Golden Dome in Monaca. Even if the wrestlers were all a little older and ECW having been dead now for almost 5 years, the crowd both nights made you realize how special of an event and a time ECW truly was. For myself personally, this will be one of my career highlights simply to say in some small way, i was a part of the legacy to this business that is ECW. It was a tremendous honor to be one of the only non-ECW talents to be chosen to be a part of both nights action, and i will cherish the experiences for a long time to come. Log onto and order the DVDs of both events when they become available, and both nights action will also be featured on the Best of J-Rocc Volume 3 DVD, which is lining up to be the biggest one yet, featuring Tracy Smothers, Blue Meanie, AJ Styles, Chris Hamrick, Fabulous John McChesney, Deviant, The Gambino Bros, "Pitbull" Gary Wolfe, Johnny Grunge of Public Enemy, Marty Janetty, a steel cage matchup and more. Fans, I wish I had more time but the Tribe is up 2-0 on the White Sox and I gotta watch us win the division so I am out, but I promise it wont be so long before I update the site again. See ya at the fights...

APRIL 14 2005 UPDATE - What's Up, all out there in wrestling fan land? Welcome back to the official J-Rocc website, wherein lies KC Blood's least favorite wrestler. I can answer your next question with a question: Does it even matter who it is? No not really. Oh yea, the Canadian Bad Boy doesnt like me either, man I got HEAT, what am I gonna do, I cant sleep, I can't eat, oh well, hes got my back there. Doesn't it SUCK when guys who SUCK say that you SUCK? Anyways, I just cant update this damn thing without pissing someone off. Back to business, how are you all doing out there, hopefully enjoying this great weather and some good independant wrestling shows. IWC and NEPW both put on tremendous shows this past weekend, i reccomend anyone out there log on to the respective websites and pick up a DVD of the shows if you missed them. IWC had Sgt. Slaughter, Honkey Tonk Man, Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Mick Foley, Tracey Smothers, John McChesney, myself and many others on a great card, and NEPW had Marty Janetty, Tracey Smothers, Chris Daniels defending the TNA X Title, Chris Hamrick, ROH's Ring Crew Express, OVW's Robbie Chance and Vanessa Harding, McChesney, Deviant, Glenn Spectre, Ray Rowe, myself and many others as both cards are worth the price of the DVD's. Also, Deviant, McChesney and myself have inked a deal with the brand new Arena Football team beginning its inaugural season in Erie PA, to work some wrestling events in conjunction with their home football games this season which should be a blast. For those of you in Erie, the first game is on April 23 at the Civic Center, with wrestling and tailgating at 5 PM, so check it out. Lots of shows upcoming,including Super Indy IV for IWC in PA, and a big War Games Cage match in NEPW on May 14. Check out the schedule as it is picking up and don't miss your chance to catch the Big Daddy of Destruction live and in person all summer long in an arena near you! Dont forget about the merchancdise, T-Shirts are still flying off the rack, with a new shirt due to be released in the next 2 months, DVD's are hot Volume One and Two are selling fast and Volume 3 is already in production, and of course until next time, see you at the fights! Breaking News: Chandler Biggins says he was misquoted and he really likes J-Rocc. Yea, I dont have to take these pills! This just in, KC Blood and the CBB still hate me though. Boo!(Or should I say Who?)Give it up one time, like they all learn to do...

MARCH 6 2005 UPDATE - Hello, one and all, 'tis I your local neighborhood Big Daddy of Destruction and Chandler Biggins (I know, like myself you wonder who that is and don't care anyways) absolute least favorite wrestler ever! Have you ever watched a brain surgeon and fond yourself saying you could do it better? Ever been scheduled for a colonoscopy and figured Hell, I can do it myself better than this guy? I mean, I know personally, everytime I watch LeBron James play, I think to myself and I say self, he sucks, I should lace up the Air J-Rocc's and go out there and show him who the king of Cleveland really is...Give me a break. I love all the fans who pay their hard earned money to come and appreciate what we do, but when thats not the case, I find myself wondering why they felt the need to ruin alot of others peoples good time, especially when the "inside" lines they come up with aren't even funny to us wrestlers, who actually know what you are talking about. I mean, I guess in a crowd of 250 people, 50% of whom look to be under the age of 12, someone finds the humor in starting a "F*** you J-Rocc" chant. Thats fine and well, I'm not the morality police or anything remotely close to it, it is wrestling after all and hell its great heat for me in the ring, but if the wrestlers adhere to a certain (albeit thin) limit when it comes to what we will do in front of certain crowds, what makes fat, miserable self loating people think they have carte blanche to do as they will, other paying fans be damned. And then they wonder why the shows don't draw, and bitch about on the company's website, oblivious that they run people off faster than any good wrestling show can bring them in? Do you know what three things I hear the most when I see fans who stopped attending indy events: Too many matches and shows are too long, shows ending way too late in the night, and drunk and obnoxious fans who make it impossible for any caring parents to bring their kids (which is why most people go to wrestling, in case anyone forgot). Look, when you see Nigel McGuinness on the card, you know you're gonna get a downright technical classic, scientific to the bone old school wrestling. If you call yourself "smart" (huge oxymoron with these type of fans), then you should REALLY know what Nigel is all about in the ring. Then why would you ruin a perfectly good mat wrestling exhibition for everyone else with your comments and chants of "boring". Maybe Nigel should grab some chairs, get some juice, and bust out that shooting star through the flaming table he's been holding back from you great "smart" fans all this time. If I were a fan, and I knew how good this guy is, I would be doing my best to get the other fans who might not be familiar with it to appreciate his style, so that I can better enjoy the match, when the crowd starts to get into it. Then again, I've never been as "smart" as some fans so that explains it. Anyways, my monthly rant is over, but when you come to the shows, cheer who you want, boo who you want, thats what its all about, but stop trying to be so damn "smart", because if you were really so much better than the rest of the fans and the wrestlers, we'd all be paying to hear you, and last I checked, I still get paid with your money. Whew...Ok back to reality because that was a worthless rant if there ever was one, the wrestlers will all tell me how good it was and how much its true, and the people who fit the above description will think that someone actually cares about them. I made my return after 22 months to Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling this past weekend, and shocked the CAPW crowd by joing up with JT Lightning (egads, the treachery), who was only my most hated rival in CAPW. JT and I had one of the greatest fueds in CAPW history in the first 6 months of 2003, and since I lost a loser leaves town cage match in May of that year, I had not even attended a CAPW event, and also snuck in the back door of the building, which really led to a surprise announcement actually being a pretty good surprise for once. I was still pretty banged up from almost dying on a dive at IWC the previous weekend in PA, and didn't let anyone know going in, but I had a hard time out there because I was in some serious pain, but was able to get through it and we had a hell of a lot of heat when we left the ring. It wasn't obvious as much until we came out later in the night to beat up the Munchies, and the reaction was pure heat at that point. We both had sell out heat from teaming with the one guy we each hate the most, plus each had our own single heat, and I think the fun has just begun for JT and I over the next few months. Justin Idol was one of our opponents, and I hadn't had the chance to work with him before, but it was alot of fun and I look forward to doing it again soon. April 3 is the return date at CAPW and I will be 100% then, so look for the intensity to crank up a little, and if you are in Cleveland that day, you chould check out the info at The weekend before, I was in PA for a double shot weekend as Tracey Smothers and I rode out for a weekend of IWC wrestling action. The first night I teamed with Troy Lords against the Gambino Bros. Moving Company, and garnered my first IWC pinfall victory. For-Shizzle my ni-zzle! The next day we were in McKeesport for an 8-man matchup involving Troy Lords, Chris Maverick, Shima Xion and myself against the Gambino Bros. and Jason Gory. It was all over the place, no rhyme or reason but the people were into it and I had a good time, working mostly with the big Gambino (dont yet know which is which), who was a pleasure to work with. They all were, but I worked mostly with him in this match. Anyways it was all good until near the end, when we did the big dive deal-io, and I wen for my tope and caught my foot on the top rope and headed straight down real fast. I don't know how it wasnt worse, but I ended up breaking a bone in my right hand and severely bruising my quad and kneebone, along with assorted other maladies. Anyways we finished the match, and the ride home sucked, but I love what I do so who cares. I also got to see some great matches that weekend, including Southern Comfort vs MDogg and Josh Prohibition, Tracey SMothers vs Shirley Doe was really good, AJ Styles vs Chris Daniels was good, and the match of the weekend, Chris Sabin vs Fabulous 2 outof 3 falls. The next IWC event is Night of the Legends on April 9 with Sgt. Slaughter, Honkytonk Man, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles and many others, so if you are near Franklin,PA you should check it out. Also, they have a great music video of IWC on their website including yours truly, and info on all of their upcoming dates at Also, this Saturday in Painesville,OH is another New Era Pro Wrestling card and the main event for the Triple Crown Title is myself against Deviant, which I am telling you know you need to be there to see, because we plan on pulling out all the stops. NEPW always has good talent and this show is no different, so check out more info at, and also check out their site later this week for info on the launch of their brand new weekly internet television broadcast, which I have seen and it looks great so far! OK, I have to roll, but I will be back with another update soon, also Best of J-Rocc Volume 2 sold out its first printing in 3 weeks, but more are ready so get yours this weekend,it is very well done and has gotten rave reviews thus far!. See ya at the fights

JANUARY 16 2005 UPDATE - Man, it has been so long since I have been on here its a wonder if anyone out there is still checking out the site. I apologize, but the last few months have definitely been some of the hardest and toughest times I have thus far been through in my life. When you lose a family member you are close to, as I did with my grandmother, it changes your life in so many ways that I couldnt begin to put it into words, as you never realize just how many ways people impact each others lives. Within a matter of weeks of my grandmothers passing, my father had some serious health complications that once again shook myself and my family, and add to that the stress of both the holidays and packing up and moving to a new house and you have the makings for one seriously stressed out Big Daddy. Now, though, it appears as though things are moving forward and beginning to settle into some form of normalcy, and with that I have also begun to put my career back in order as that was among the may things I had let slide over the last few months. You never get over it when things happen that you cant explain, but you just have to do the best you can to keep moving ahead, and that is what I intend to do in 2005. The new year has brought out a new determination and focus that hopefully alot of you fans will see for yourselves here in the upcoming weeks and months ahead. Last year alot of great things happened, and I recently recieved some great video copies of some of my matches from the tail end of the year and I truly believe I am really beginning to put things together and look forward to taking that next step in 2005. I have gotten alot of flack from fans about my match with Jeff Jarrett from Impact on Fox Sports Net, and the fact that it was over so quickly. All I can answer that with is this: I simply did what I was told by my boss to do. What they decided to do with me should in no way taint the fact that my work and ability deemed me worthy to be invited to Orlando, Florida to appear on national television, and the largest television exposure I have recieved to date in my career. My paycheck was the same whether I worked for 2 minutes or twenty , so I happen to think I got the best of both worlds. Of course, I wish I had the opportunity to showcase my talents to the world, but that will come soon enough, and I was still proud to be there, as should my fans. How many other guys have you seen around here on national TV, I can count but a few. Anyways, The new DVD is coming along nicely and it is truly worlds better than the first volume, as I think it has some of my best work on it, including the brutal dog collar and cage matches from NEPW with Sheik Hassan, as well as matches featuring Mick Foley, TNA X Division Champion Petey Williams, New Jack, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Nigel McGuinness, a tremendous match with "Fabulous" John McChesney, a brutal all over the building hatefest with JT Lightning,and a few more matches as well as in their entirety as seen on TV my matches direct from NWA TNA with Abyss and Alex Shelley, The Naturals, and Jeff Jarrett w/Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. I cant wait to get it finished, as I think any wrestling fan will like this DVD, and it will be hard to keep this one in stock. Well, thats all for now, until I see you at the matches, take care one and all and remember to appreciate life and all that it entails one day at a time, and of course give it up for J-Rocc

AUGUST 30 UPDATE- Hello one and all once again. Before I go on about wrestling, I would just like to note that you should always slow down in your lives and enjoy life. It is the things you take for granted that you should be enjoying the most, and you never know when the moment comes that changes everything in an instant, and then you can only remember how things were before, and there is no going back. It is better to enjoy the moments rather than memories. Anyways, its been a few weeks, and so much has gone on. I guess last we spoke, I was headed off to Nashville, for the final time actually as TNA has packed up their operation and headed full time to Orlando. (Note to all Nashville indy promoters, J-Rocc is available and I do have 26 minutes and 11 seconds of extremely valuable TNA ring time in front of the Nashville fans, so I would be packing them in their seats for sure with exposure like that.) I stopped in Cincinatti ont he way and worked a TV taping for Heartland Wrestling, against a masked man so mysterious I still dont know who he is legit! Anyways, on to TNA, where I teamed with Marco Cordova to do battle with Alex Shelley and the monster Abyss, of course accompanied by the evil Goldilocks. I saw the match air on Xplosion this week, and I think it was as good as it could have been. If any of you saw it, let me know what you thought. I am in contact with TNA officials about my debut in Orlando, and am hopeful to announce something on this site by the second week of September or so, so be on the lookout for that as well. PS congrats go out to Fabulous John McChesney, who made his Orlando debut in a six man tag on Impact last week. Then I headed to Rochester,NY for the NWA group up there, and they always treat me well, so I like working there. On this occasion, I worked a three way match with a few of their younger guys, and I think we did ok. It could have been much worse, and the little guy in the match, Spazz, I think him and I could have a very good singles match one day. Psykita really needs to figure out a less noticable way to mist people though, I kind of saw that one coming, so I moved out of the way. Then it was on to Norm Conners IWC, which I have been waiting for a while to debut in and now I am full time and also happens to be one of the best indy feds going right now, for a Pittsburgh/Erie double shot. The first night, I made my shcking entrance from the crowd to help IWC Champion Eric Xtasy defend his title against Shirley Doe and joined forces with Eric and his "partner" Glenn Spectre. The next night in Erie, we teamed up in a six man tag team matchup against Doe, Dirk Ciglar and their special partner for the night, NWA TNA X Division chapion Petey Williams. The match went well, and as we got a 3 on 1 advantage on Petey, ECW's Original Gangsta New Jack decided to even up the odds, hitting the ring and laying waste to all three of us, leaving me to stagger up right into the coolest move in wrestling history, The Canadian Destroyer, which is a head over heels flipping piledriver. I saw the tape afterwards, and it looked disgusting, I definitely should pick up some bookings just for taking that move, lol. Then on Sunday, I finished my weekend in Moundsville,WV where I worked with Jason Cage. Let em go on record as saying it is no big secret I dont like that kid. I think he has an attitude problem and he needs to learn some respect, both for the business and his fellow wrestlers.That is my problem with him in a nutshell, no more or less. However, I had no problem working with him because that is what I do, that is what any of us do if we are truly to be called professionals. I am pointing this out on my website, so that I in no way look two faced, like I talk behind his back. He knows how I feel about him, and we leave it at that, but I was paid to do a job, and I did it, and we had an alright match. We dont have to like each other one bit, any of us, we just have to work together. But that is neither here nor there, one day he'll figure it out, get smartened up and well get along, or he wont and we wont, and then ask me how much it really matters to me either way. So I am all caught up, and September is going to be a pretty busy month as well, so I will try to get on here and update this thing in about two weeks. Also one last thing, the matches for Best of J-Rocc Volume 2 on DVD have been decided and are as follows: J-Rocc vs. NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals - TNA, vs. Shelley/Abyss - TNA, vs. Fabulous - UIPW, vs Fabulous - MCW, vs. Adam Cage - MCW, vs. Deviant - NEPW, vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan - IWC, w/Xtasy & Spectre vs Doe/Ciglar/TNA X Champion Petey Williams - IWC, w/Adam Cage vs. Hoss/Nigel McGuiness - HWA, vs Sheik Abdul Hassan Dog Collar Match - NEPW, vs JT Lightning Streetfight - CAPW, plus 2 music videos. It is going to be even better than Volume 1 for sure, so look for it in October coming your way. Also, a new batch of T-Shirts are in, so anyone who still needs to get theirs, let me know I got your hook up. As always until I see you at the fights, give it up une mas tiempo por J-Rocc!

AUGUST 10 UPDATE - Not a whole lot new to update, just a few things in passing. For those of you waiting on T-Shirts and DVD's, new shipments of both are on the way and you will all be satisfied, so I apologize for the delay, but they just went faster than anticipated. This week I make my trek through Tennessee, and TNA along the way, so for all of you who get TNA XPlosion, next Friday keep your eyes open and check out the "Big Daddy of Destruction" live on your TV. Dont forget to spend 10 bucks and check out J-Rocc on PPV as I no doubt will once again join the black tshirt squad again for a little blackshirt security duty as well, lol. Also, look out in the next month or two, as if things go well I will be making my debut on TNA IMPACT! which can be seen nationally every Friday at 3PM on Fox Sports. Other than that not a whole lot is going on, spending alot of time in the gym and in the ring working on conditioning and trying to get my dead sexy self even that much prettier for the TV cameras, so I will catch you all at the fights so until then continue to give it up one time...

JULY 19 UPDATE - How is everyone out there doing. I hope you are all great and enjoying this great summer weather, and doing whatever it is that helps you kick back and enjoy yourselves. As for me, which is why I have the website and not you, lol, I have been up to my ears in wrestling, with no end in sight, although I am hardly complaining. I began my run with the IWC over the last few weeks, and say what you will about Norm Conners, but his promotion is very good and a great place to work. I am anxiously awaiting the 13 of August to debut at the CCAC campus, which is like the IWC version of Budokan Hall, lol, because the fans there are totally Japanese style, very respectful and sweet to work for, the kind of crowd yu appreciate working for because they appreciate your work. So that is all good stuff. The merchandise is completely sold out and August will bring a fresh batch of T-Shirts and DVD's to the table, so snatch them up if you missed the first go-round because I am getting bored with the DVD and shirt, and new ones be a-coming soon, so who knows when you'll run out of chances to own these items. On the 18th, I had one hell of a brutal match with Sheik Abdul Hassan, as we capped off our blood fued with the NEPW's first ever dog collar match. It was one of the bloodiest matches NEPW has ever had, and Sheik and I damn near killed each other. The people enjoyed it and Sheik and I both added a new chapter to our legacies in NEPW. This match is being edited as we speak for the Best of J-Rocc volume 2 DVD, so anyone who missed it will be given a chance to witness it for yourself. I didnt know I had that much blood to lose, but I guess I did. This weekend, it is a trek up to Duncansville for the IWC way up near Altoona,PA. I love it though, because it is anouther road trip with Tracey Smothers. Let me tell everyone something, I consider myself one of the luckiest guys out there, because almost every weekend, I get to ride out with Tracey Smothers, just us, and hear every little nugget of wisdom, every story, every anecdote, and so many others dont ever get a great opporunity like that. I could never do enough for Tracey to really say thank you and show him how much he has truly done for me, but with enough time I will figure it out, because for the rest of my career I will work on paying him back. PS- Speaking of friends, I dont know about you but I already have enough friends, Im more interested in a job in case some guys didnt figure that out. Alot of guys get caught up in being everyones friend and trying to be cool with the boys, but they seem to forget that isnt why we are here. If you make friends in this business great for you, but for me, I have all the friends I need. I definitely enjoy meeting people, and all the time I end up with a new friend I didnt know before, but those are few and far between. I know this might sound wierd, but any promoter out there should care less how many friends we have in the locker room, because all they should care about is getting the job done and making them money. Some of the best draws, heels and promos in the business have been hated by their peers for one reason or the next, but worked nonstop and were paid well because promoters know they take care of business, and make them money, which is why we are all supposed to be here. Ah yes, I just keep getting myself heat dont I. Not really though, because the only ones who would get mad about what I said are the ones who don't know enough to know I am right, everyone else will care less because it is 100% true. But I love everyone, even the guys who dont like me. And I love all of you, who read my website, follow me to my shows, and appreciate all that goes into entertaining you. I'll see you all at the fights and be safe out there until I do.

JULY 4 UPDATE - RIP Chief Bootknocka everyone who knew him is a little worse off today with his passing, because he made everyone who knew him a better person, and my prayers go out to his family that they can find a way to carry on their lives, and be strong. He wasnt my best friend, or even that close of friends in all honesty just because I didnt see him much, but he was a good man, and yet another tragic passing that our business didnt need...OK, Man I am horrible at keeping this website updated on more than a monthly basis, my apologies about that but here I am with another update. I have had a ton of good matches lately against alot of very talented and different opponents over the last month including Nigel McGuinness who you should all get a chance to see in person as he is one hell of a telent from overseas in England, The Naturals who are a very talented tag team trained by the main man Tracey Smothers, just getting a big push from TNA and new NWA world tag team champions, Marty Janetty is a very cool guy and very enjoyable to work with and learn from, The HonkeyTonk Man who came to dance and sing his song, and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. For those of you who havent heard the story, yes Jim Duggan did decide to shoot on me, and after a second of stubborness it all worked out great in the end, and he told me I earned his respect out there, so I guess it worked out well. He is the easiest night of work anyone can have, I know that much. I also made my long awaited IWC debut last weekend, and I think it went very well, and hopefully IWC is the next place I forge the legend of J-Rocc. Norm Conners puts on great shows and the fans are fantastic, hell I damn near sold out of merchandise my first night there. Speaking of merchandise, the first printing of the J-Rocc DVD has already sold out and the second printing is making its way through the gimmick tables right now, which is pretty cool since they have only been available for about 2 months now. I have also noticed a ton of J-Rocc T-Shirts roaming there way through the crowds, and I have also been getting alot of good reactions from crowds before I come out, meaning that somehow somewhere word must be getting around about me, I hope anyways. But seriously, it does seem as if alot of people are beginning to know who I am and my reputation is slowly getting better and better through the business and the fans,which is great.I think all the TNA exposure over the last year is really helping me get exposed a little to the masses, and hopefully hard work and dedication will help the rest of it come along smoothly. I hope all of you had safe and enjoyable holiday weekends, and I will see you at the fights.

MAY 24 UPDATE - For those of you logging onto looking to order your copy of "The Best of J-Rocc Volume 1" on DVD I apologize for my delay in getting the order page up and running I have just been very busy, but I promise it will be up soon. For those of you who just cant wait for your DVD (and I reccomend you dont as they are selling out at a record pace)you can order your DVD, or any other J-Rocc merchandise listed lower on this page by sending a check or money order for the amount of merchandise plus $4 shipping and handling to Jerry Mires 4218 Mapledale Ave Cleveland,OH 44109. DVD's are $17, TShirts are $12, autographed 8 X 10's are $5 or 2/$8, and you can get the DVD/Shirt combo for $25, and the three item combo for $30. Okay, on the wrestling front last weekend was crazy, as we criss-crossed all over the place without sleep nor sanity in our pursuit of wrestling nirvana. This weekend we bookended Buffalo, NY with IWA MS, and I am glad to report all went well. Friday night I teamed with Fabulous Johnny and we were part of a pretty good 8 man tag that went about 45 mins, and it wasnt a clusterfudge that it should have been at all. I was happy with our performance, and we packed up and headed to Oolitic,IN (by the way home of this years IWA King of the Deathmatch Tourney for those of you who like to witness executions and watch beheaded chickens run around and things of that nature, this is your thing for sure! You arent gonna see anyone do hardcore like these guys that is for sure! and I grabbed my first victory in IWA MS in a 3 way with Chris Kole and Eddie Venom, but the match could have been tons better. I look forward to returning to IWA June 11 and hopefully things continue to go well there, as IWA has some great great talent and is definitely where you go to get yourself out there to the fans.Plus Ian Rotten's son is my favorite 8 year old in history! Not that I know more than one. We finished the weekend from purgatory (it wasnt hell but on the way there for sure, lol) back up in Buffalo for Troy Buchanons BCW and I was worthless, as JT Lightning and I just had a match, nothing wrong with it, but we have done way better, and I'll make up for it next time. JT I owe you a match, so look out! All in all it was good, and the J-Rocc World Tour (no fancy name out of deference to the Ring Crew Express, who are in the midst of the "Were not gonna take it Tour 2004")is in full swing. If I am gonn aget out there, this month is gonna go along way, as withing 6 weeks I have IWA Mid South twice, NWA TNA twice, Heartland Wrestling TV Tapings, NWA Wildside TV Tapings and the big NEPW shows June 5-6 where I will be working with Marty Janetty and Bam Bam Bigelow which should be totally awesome. Check out my schedule and use my links page to look up the various promotions and find out about all of these huge shows in June. All of that, plus is the return of J-Rocc to Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling looming? J-Rocc denies any interest in returning to the site of one of his most famous fueds and matches from last year with JT Lighting which culminated in the loser leave town cage match that is still talked about to this day, but could the bitter taste of his year long suspension still be festering? We'll have to find out wont we? See you at the fights and thanks to everyone who checks out this site and supports J-Rocc, as without you there is no me...well there is but im not as good...well actually I am but I still like you guys, lol! Watch Xplosion in 2 weeks and make sure to look for the good looking guy with the goatee, sexy as hell features, and "Big Daddy of Destruction" largely pasted across his ass!

APR 27 UPDATE - The last two weeks have been crazy and I am going to catch you up on all the comings and goings, but before all that I must begin by PIMPING THE MERCHANDISE...because it is finally here, finally ready and finally available to all mankind. Yes, childrens and adults one and all, short and tall, big and yet small The Best of J-Rocc on DVD Volume 1 is on the shelves and waiting to be yours. Dont take my word, though, listen to what some guy who saw the DVD had to say: "For his first DVD release (Insider sources tell me Volume two is in production with an August release date)J-Rocc has pulled no punches and pulled out all the stops. I would say this DVD is comparable to any other out there, and would say two thumbs up for sure. The action is intense, the production is superb, and Jamie Scott is the sexiest man on earth! Thank god for Intense Video and J-Rocc, because this DVD is off tha heezy" See, if just some guy thought that, imagine what you would say!!! Still not convinced, listen to what Eugene Dinsmore, current superstar in the WWE thought when he saw it "Great" Well said, Eugene, well said. You just have to get your copy today of the DVD given two thumbs up by Springfields' own Homer Simson, and stamped with the A-Okay for children by Charles, who In Charge. This DVD, hosted by NEPW Color Commentator Jamie Scott, includes a music video of J-Rocc, and 13 matches featuring the likes of Christopher Daniels, Chris Hamrick, Julio Dinero, CM Punk, Gangrel, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, "Fabulous" John McChesney/Richard Weede, Tracey Smothers, "RoadDogg" BG James and Adam Cage, with matches including a bloody Steel Cage match, an unbelievable last man standing match, and a Loser wears a chicken suit match which has to be seen to be believed! The DVD is $15 and will be available at all of my events beginning on May 8. But you don't have to wait until May 8 to get your copy, no you do not, because I am in the process of installing a merchandise page to this site which should be up by early next week, and will have easy and safe online purchasing for all of the official J-Rocc merchandise through Pay-Pal, with photos and descriptions of the DVD, T-Shirt and 8 X 10's currently available from "The Big Daddy of Destruction" so check back and get yours today because the DVD's already have a large preorder and are expected to go quickly, and the t-shirts have flown off the shelves lately (must be all that national TV paying off,lol,cha-ching!)Ok, back to the update, last week I headed back to Evansville, IN for my return to CCW where "Fabulous" John McChesney and I took our war to yet another territory. This thing will be nationwide before were done, Im telling you. Anyways, the match was pretty good, but I got very sick about halfway through and I really thought I wasnt going to make it. I try to stay in ring shape at al times and I knew something wasnt right, and sure enough about 45 mins into the trip back to Cleveland, we had to pull off the freeway and find the nearest emergency room, as I was doubled over in pain and had some internal bleeding going on, and I was scared to be sure. After about 5 hours of tests at a hospital in Jasper, Indiana somewhere, we were informed that I had e.coli food poisoning somehow, and that our match wore me down and let it take over. I have no idea what I ate that was bad, but it had me in bad shape for the next 3 or 4 days, so kids out there, dont get e.coli its bad. I had to drag myself out of the bathroom long enough to head to IWA Mid-South the next day for my debut match there, and I don't care how sick I was, I was going to make the shot. Adam Cage and I had a great trip down considering, and I worked a 3 way with Frankie the Face from Michigan and "Spyder" Nate Webb. Nate is great, and very popular down there. I was a heel, but the crowd is great because they love good stuff no matter who does it, so it was pretty different from the usual. They seemed to like my stuff, and we called it all in the ring due to extenuating circumstances, and I thought it went as well as it could. Ian Rotten seemed to like it alot, and I think I will back down there soon, so hopefully that can turn into a regular stop for me in the future, because I truly enjoyed being there. This past weekend was a double shot for Kingdom James Union of Independant Wrestling in Erie,PA. Now, Kingdom is a nice enough guy, but he has alot of issues to work out because he is getting himself into alot of stuff he could easily avoid, but enough about that, I like working Erie because i am pretty over there and always make a killing on my gimmicks, and it was more of the same after the match Fabulous John and I had. I believe it was one of the best pieces of work we have done so far, the crowd loved it and I was glad to be a part of it. And god bless Fab, because he got banged up pretty bad in our match, and still worked two more matches to win the Union title, he really is a great kid and one of the future stars in our business. That match is already earmarked for volume two of the dvd due out in august, as is the IWA MS debut match! Something I found real cool was two guys who found me after the show told me they came from 3 hours away because they saw on this very website that i would be close to them so they headed all the way to Erie. Thats pretty cool, and it is why Im raising my price, Im a draw dammit, I knew it!The weekend finished with Adam Cage and I becoming the first, maybe last, probably best Union Tag Champs as we had a good match in front of no people against Wicked and Aaron Draven, two of Rocky Reynolds students. They listened very good and are pretty athletic so we out together a solid match and went home. Which is why the site is updated, duh! Im out, get your DVD today and I'll see all of you at NEPW May 8 they are back with a huge card in Painesville,Oh featuring Iron Sheik, Marty Janetty, Chris Hamrick, Tracey Smothers, psst dont tell anyone cuz its a secret but New Jack will be there,Jasmin St Clair the porn chick and ECW manager, and of course the guy who sells the tickets, me.Just kidding, it is a stacked show with Weede vs Jt Lightning for the belt, Ray Rowe vs Al B Damm, myself vs Sheik Hassan for the first time in NEPW,just a hell of a show all around, go to for more info and I will see you all at the fights

APR 5 UPDATE - I had a really long update going and it was great until I hit the wrong button and lost it and now you guys get this one, sorry. Last week, I headed down to Evansville,IN to work for Ian Rotten the first time, and I took my war with the Deviant across the border. It was the first time I had met Ian so I wasn't sure what to expect but he was a cool dude and we had alot of fun working there. The match was ok, I thought we can and have done much better but they seemed to like it and asked us back on the 15th of this month so it must have been alright. I did a good amount of gimmicks as well, and all would have been great except I strained the hell out of my right MCL during the match and by the end of the night I could barely walk. We pulled into Cleveland around 8AM Friday morning and I rested it all day before heading to Elyria,Oh for MCW on Saturday, where I wrapped my leg up and met the stern challenge presented by the most entertaining enhancement gimmick in recent memory - SNEEKEE PETE! It was relatively short and risk free, but Fabulous and I shot a hell of an angle for our first time fueding in MCW and the fans ate it up. They are really pumped to see our first match there May 15, and they have no idea what is in store for that night. Then the weekend ended in Eastlake for NEPW as I again battled the Deviant as he attempted to make me live up to my stipulation from the previous show and wear a dress. Long Story short, after a back and forth brawl, I was prepared to do some dastardly acts to Deviant and Sheik Hassan came in and piledrove me throught he ring, to allow them to humiliate me with the dress. We did a hot angle to set up our big grudge match we have been building to for April 18, and then Sheik gave me a nasty piledriver that left layed out to end the night, as EMS and wrestlers helped me from the ring. I will make a full statement about that entire situation, and my condition for the future on April 18 at the NEPW show. Until then see you at the fights

MAR 22 UPDATE - Wow, the last few weeks have been busy and as I write this I am exhausted coming off a whole lot of driving in the last week. I trained my school on Sunday and Monday, then on Wednesday we headed down to Nashville for the NWA-TNA's weekly PPV show. Fabulous worked Jerry Lynn and they had a great match, as well as a good little match against Sabu, and I worked with the former RoadDogg, BG James. It was a good little match and the crowd was really into it for an Xplosion match. He was great to work with and I learned alot as I always do when we are down there. All three of those matches will be airing nationwide on their Xplosion television show and are worth checking out. Fabulous vs Jerry Lynn is airing all this week, and Fabulous vs Sabu and myself vs BG James airs the week of April 3-10 so check it out. Things are really starting to roll for Fab and myself, and I think alot of good things are right around the corner. Anyways more on that later...back to the road, we stayed over in Nashville and drove back Thursday, but didnt get into town until almost 11 PM because we hit every traffic jam on the way home, and drove through two blizzards as well. Oh well, it was worth it to be PPV stars for 37 seconds or so, lol. Yes, that was Fab and I accompanying Vince Russo for his promo, and then breaking up AJ Styles and Raven in the parking lot. As Tracey Smothers said "Boy, you sure know where that camera is at all times dont you" It was a blast though, and were are back to TNA the first week of June. Saturday the 20th, Tracey, Adam Cage and I rode u to Pittsburgh,PA for IWC and Norm Conners. Norm has one hell of a show, and he really is one of the better promoters on the indies right now. His show is professional all the way around, and I am very anxious to work for Norm in the near future. The show was very good, as Chris Hamrick and Tracy had a hell of a match with Fab and Jimmy Jacobs (they stole the show), and AJ Styles and CM Punk had a good match as well. NEPW was the 21st, and Aero and I teamed against Tracy Smothers (backstabber!) and Deviant. I thought we had a very good match, albiet long, and the crowd was all about Deviant and some Tracey Smothers, who was just hanging out. It was great and Tracey stayed over until Monday then flew back to Tennessee, but he is trying to help Fab and I get some exposure and get out there. In that regards, I look forward to the next few weeks debuting for OSPW in Buffalo,NY and IWA Mid South in Indiana. Ian Rotten has a hell of a fed and I cant wait to get there and show them what I can do, and see how it shakes out. I am also returning to GA for NWA Wildside and doing my first Wildside TV in June, so alot of good things look to be on the horizons. This is a good time for my career, and to be a wrestling fan and on that note, dont forget to buy my TSHIRT! Yes, cheap shameless and entirely off the subject, but a merchandise I shall plug. See the below post for info on the fastest selling J-Rocc shirt yet! Until next time, see ya at the fights

FEB 27 UPDATE - OK, I left my bitchy post up long enough, now its back to the business of indy wrestling, YEA! I don't like posting stuff like that here anyways, because most of you fans have no idea what I was even talking about, and my website isn't for the wrestlers anyways, its for the fans. Speaking of the fans, great news, because the new shipment of J-Rocc shirts has just arrived this weekend, just in time as I know I had to turn a few of you away last weekend but I just didn't anticipate the demand would be as high as it was. They are really great shirts and any J-Rocc fan would be proud to wear it, and you can, for the low low price of $12 plus s/h. That's right, only $12 plus s/h, less than a bucket of KFC but without the saturated fat, clogged arteries and greasy fingers! To order the shirt (available in sizes youth S-L and adult S-XL), or any other great merchandise such as the Best of J-Rocc tape (described in detail in an earlier post below) for $10 or an autograhped 8X10 for $5 just write to J-Rocc Merchandise c/o 4218 Mapledale Ave Cleveland,OH 44109 and make any check or money order payable to Jerry Mires (add $3 shipping to any order for final total). The last few weeks I have only had a few NEPW matches, as the schedule kicks back into full gear this week and no let up in sight (a good thing), one of which was against one of my trainess, Deviant. He is a fantastic athlete with a great look and he definitely has the ability to make an impact in this business IF he can keep his head on straight. Deviant and I had a great match out in Eastlake,OH in front of a sold out crowd and we delivered what in my opinion was one of the best NEPW matches in months, and definitely one of my best in a while as well. Then last weekend we had one hell of a fight, as NEPW presented a Bunkhouse Wargames match, with 8 guys in one stiff hell of a match. AERO (all caps or he'll kick your ass), Carlton Kaz (I love Carlton Kaz BTW and so should you)and NEPW boss Eddie Edwards battled Sheik Hassan, Chuck Brody, Deviant and Spiffy Sean Styles and this wasnt your typical garbage match, as we had a ton of psychology in it and it told a damn fine story. I am pretty pleased right now, because I have had 3 matches for NEPW so far this year, and have been told that they are definitely the top 3 matches of the year for NEPW, which is pretty cool. I have really ratcheted up my training as I am really preparing for 2004 as the year when I begin the climb in this business that leads to the next level, whatever that may be. I understand now the level of work it takes and am up for the battle, and its a battle I plan on winning. Until I'm back again check out the schedule and hopefully I will see all of you at the fights. E-Mail me to the link above with any questions, comments, complaints or propositions and every day in every way, wherever you may be, don't forget to be like Bruce Gray and always give it up one time fo' J-Rocc...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - JAN 22, 2004 UPDATE - Well, you know for once, I am going to do what I say I never do, and that is use my site to vent about some stuff that is really pissing me off lately. I can't wait for the backlash to begin... but if you know me you know I really don't care anyways. You know what one of the biggest problems in indy wrestling is...that most of the people in it either haven't been trained at all, haven't been trained right, or have been trained by someone who has never been anywhere or done anything REAL in this business, and therefore can't tell people how it really is. When you talk to people who have been somewhere in this business, or don't use it as a hobby to make themselves feel like they are something more than they are, you realize just how screwed up most peoples views are. I go to a website called the indymessageboard, and it is the home of the most pussified, anonymous, jealous people you would ever meet. Every fed sucks, every worker sucks, everything sucks except the person who is posting of course. How people can be the way that those losers, who post anonymously about other people, are is beyond me. Don't get me wrong, the indy board can be quite useful to the people who use it right, to get out information about the promotions, shows and websites, and do the year end deals and all of that good stuff, but if you go look at the posts on that site it will amaze you. I am only speaking of myself personally here, but any post bashing anything in Ohio HAD TO BE written by me...and every post that has ever put me over at all, the next response is that it HAD TO BE written by me, lol. Now I'm sorry but that is a big joke, what am I the only one allowed to like my work? No one else could possibly ever think I am any good? I love it! The best thing is half of the people who post things like this haven't even seen me in god knows how long, since I choose to hardly EVER work in PA, where the rest of the posters who dont live right here in OH reside for the most part. Even better are the people who post, and think it isn't so clear who it was, hello some people have pretty distinct styles of wording things, or are dumb enough to use the same words I have heard them use about other people. Yea, because I enjoy a toke here and there, I must be braindead or something.Why can't people ever just be men about their feelings, not be two faced? Jeez, you'd think I didn't know what business we were in, lol. Another thing driving me crazy is the people who are constantly trying to keep JT Lightning and myself at odds, like it is fun to watch us go at it or something. Allow me to clarify something right here: I CHOSE to participate in a match where the stip ahd me leave CAPW for a year, and guess what: goshdogit we are actually trying to live up to that stip. And when May comes around and the stip is up, I am sure I will be right back in the midst of it all at CAPW, a place I STILL WORK for. Some idiots just cant understand it, therefore I must be mad that JT wont "let" me work for CAPW. STUPID! The best part is that JT and I talk every few weeks, have all of each others pertinent info, and we just tell each other when there is a problem. Trust me, if JT thinks something, he isn't one not to ask about it. Again, god forbid anyone try to be professional about anything I guess. So people continue to think they are "stirring it up" though, lol. I am tired of getting calls from people saying "did you see the indyboard" like the first thing I did when I woke up was check it out, or better yet, maybe I sat up like some of them at 3 or 4 in the morning checking it out and posting. GET A LIFE. The only time I go is when I am directed there by someone, or to post the NEPW official posts or J-Rocc website info posts. Back to my first subject, I was taught by two very good friends in the business with a combined 40 years or so making a living at it, to never go out of your way to make friends in this business, and to treat it like a job at all times. It took me a long time to really start to do that, and now I am seeing the business differently than before, putting in the time a wrestler should put into all facets of this career, and seeing the rewards. I can count on one maybe two hands the number of real friends I have made in this business, not "wrestling friends". I also was taught along time ago that anyone who will gossip with you, will gossip about you. I have witnessed uncountable times that someone has told me how much "heat" they have with someone, only to smile in their face and hug them when they see the person. GARBAGE! Obviously I couldn't care much about making friends, or else I wouldn't say what I say and act as I act. People, learn the difference between work and shoot, real and fake, bullshit and reality. Yes, at times I'm brash, loud, whatever, I am sure I rub people the wrong way, most of it is for personal shits and giggles. I enjoy the fact that I can do that to people, what else can I say I am being honest here. But for the most part, I try to do my own thing, work hard, and expect people to not respect me, no, simply not to bury the work I do. Obviously, like it or not, but some people somewhere must enjoy my work. I have sold out two shipments of T-Shirts since mid-November, am on my third printing of Best of tapes, and am already getting a ton of interest in the DVD out in March, sell poloroids like no ones business for "just an indy guy", and stay as busy as I like. I chose last year to set a minimum price and stick to it, knowing I would lose some work, but gain in the long run, because I'm not out here for fun, it's a job. If I chose to be like alot of others, I could work 3 days a week for the same amount of money I make now, hmmm that sounds like a good deal, I guess. If that works for other people great. more power to them nothing is wrong with doing what YOU want to do, but I have a school I teach, so if I feel like marking out and wrestling for free, I can do it whenever I wish with my students, and drive alot less. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this business and truly appreciate the opportunity I have to be a part of it. Anyone who knows me for real would tell you that I am the biggest mark for wrestling when its done right, and otherwise I cant much stand it. I do whatever I can do to help my opponent and myself to have the best match we can, never refuse to put people over, never refuse to work with anyone regardless of my personal risk of injury due to their lack of ability and stiffness, and go sometimes too far to help my opponent,sometimes at my own expense. I have my beliefs toward the business and you have yours, but I am on here making mine public and openly, like everyone should. All you have to do is book me or work with me and you would see that I can be a tremendous asset wherever I go in whatever role I am put in, and usually I am. That line right there makes me awful, I am sure, who am I to think I have ever learned a thing I 6 years of wrestling. I don't believe in the fake humility, you know the guys that are always like aww, I suck. I don't act arrogant or anything like that, but I know I can work and have no problem telling someone else that. I don't think I'm the best or anywhere close to it, hell I am not even the best I can be yet. I work each and every day at it, in the ring and the gym, and will continue getting better and stronger and more able to treat this business with the repect it deserves. People that bury me behind my back, and ruin my reputation among people that dont even know me is why whenever I work with people who didn't know me but knew of me, they always say "you are nothing like so and so told me". No I'm not, but you wouldn't know it by what you hear, would you...

---> DEC. FLASH UPDATE- NEW DATES POSTED and NEW PHOTOS UP FROM LAST TRIP TO TNA- HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON AND WE WILL HAVE A HUGE UPDATE AFTER THE HOLIDAYS WITH ALOT OF BIG THINGS AROUND THE CORNER!!!! <--- NOVEMBER 12, 2003 - I know I havent posted here in along time, but I have just been very busy lately, so heres the big rushed update. The big news is that the new J-Rocc T-Shirts are oficcially ready for distribution and these are very nicely done. They are white, with the new "J-Rocc" logo on the fron of the shirt in black and green. The back of the shirt has the official "Big Daddy of Destruction" phrase with the address of this site below it. They are very professional and are already almost sold out, before being released to the public. The second batch will be here soon, so all orders will be able to be filled in a timely fashion for the holiday ordering season. The shirts are $12 when purchased in person at an event, and $15 here on the site, which includes shipping/handling and the shirt can be custom autographed before shipping. Also, when ordering, don't forget the official "Best of J-Rocc" VHS tape, which is only $10 and is packed with over 3 hours of some of the best and most entertaining matches of the last few years involving J-Rocc and the likes of Gangrel, the longest reigning TNA X Champion Chris Sabin, Chris Hamrick, Julio Dinero, Christopher Daniels, Richard Weede/Fabulous, and many others plus the infamous night J-Rocc wore a dress. We are already on the third printing of these tapes, as they have been a strong seller lately, so get yours today! Last but not least, no order is complete without an autographed J-Rocc 8 X 10 photo, customized for your needs at only $5. Any purchase of a shirt and tape combo, also recieves the 8 X 10 FREE with their order. All order can be sent along with a check or money order, and any specific autographing requests to Jerry Mires 4218 Mapledale Ave. Cleveland,OH 44109. Orders are guaranteed to be shipped in a timely fashion in the order recieved. I will be back next week with photos of the shirt and a better update as far as wrestling, but I am off to the gym right now, so take care and for god sake, GET THE SHIRT

SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 - Wow, what a month and especially last week it has been. For those of you who don't know, I was in Nashville,TN this past Wednesday night for the NWA-TNA promotion. It was an awesome experience and I think I made a good showing for myself. I teamed with Cliff Thompkins out of New York, and we took on Ravens Flock of Julio Dinero and CM Punk. They only gave us 4 minutes, so everything was quick as a whistle, but it all looked good afterwards, I got good heat for someone the crowd didn't know,and Fabulous and I are headed back down there on October 1, so I hope that this is the beginning of something good very soon. I am very thankful for the opportunity to experience something like that, as only so many people even get the chance. For those of you who get the TNA Xplosion show, this week the match airs so catch it if you can and see yours truly get his first national exposure. Upon my return it was up to Erie, PA to debut for the Union of Professional Wrestlers, whee I continued my lifelong fued with JT Lightning. We had a good match, although I was off a little and could have done much better, and on this night JT got the duke. Tommorrow (9/22)is the NEPW show at Sneekee Pete's in Eastlake,OH which is a great place and the show should be red hot.I am defending the NEPW Triple Crown Title against Richard Weede. Next weekend, MCW on the 27th in Elyria, OH ( has me defending their MCW US Heavyweight Title in a 3 way dance with Adam "I am not a chicken" Cage and Spiffy Sean Styles, which should be interesting, and on Sunday the 28th NEPW in Painesville, I will be taking on Al B Damm, and defending the title as long as I am still champion on the 28th. A good next week of wrestling, and I am real excited to be returning to TNA on the 1st. Oh yea, before I go, buy the new Josh Prohibition t-shirts, they are like really cool. Go to for more info and a pic of the shirt. Take care and see you all at the fights

AUGUST 21, 2003 - Not too much to update right now, things are just getting underway with school and things will be picking back up on the wrestling end over the month of September. Before I ramble on, allow me to mention that the new J-Rocc "Big Daddy of Destruction" T-shirts will be available in 3-4 weeks and there is already alot of demand, so I expect the first batch to sell out quickly. Also, the new Best of J-Rocc VHS is available for onl $10, and includes: 1. J-Rocc music video, 2.w/Christopher Daniels vs. Hot Commodity, 3. vs. Chris Sabin, 4. vs. Richard Weede Last Man Standing, 5. vs. Gangrel, 6. vs. Chris Hamrick vs. Al B Damm, 7. w/Fabulous vs. Shamus O'Rielly/Romeo Vino, 8. vs. Adam Cage Loser Wears A Chicken Suit, and 9. BONUS FOOTAGE vs. Sheik Hassan on the night J-Rocc had to wear a dress. In all, over 3 hours of action and a great video tape, the best collection I have put out thus far, in my opinion anyways. Also, for $5 the new J-Rocc 8 X 10 is also available. All of these items can be purchased at any show on the schedule seen on the right side of the site. I'd like to take a second and congratulate JT Lightning on his new arrival coming soon. I wish JT and his family nothing but the best.Also, very excited about heading down to Nashville in a few weeks for TNA, that should be a cool deal, and I have been training hard for the opportunity. Really, lately, I have been rededicating myself and I think this fall is going to surprise alot of people about yours truly. Fall is coming, school is in, and that means wrestling is back in season, so to speak, so until next time, I'll see ya at the matches

JULY 24, 2003 - Wow, do I have a ton of stuff to talk about, so sit back and put your reading glasses in. I would like to begin by saying that some people take the internet way too seriously, as well as themselves. Most of you peruse this glorious site at your leisure whenever I decide to update it. However some people not only read it, but think that somehow they are being talked about, when i couldnt have had the slightest idea what the were talking about. trust me, if I had something to say about anyone, they would know it before the people on the internet, but I have already wasted too much time talking about something noone knows about anyways. Well, first off, check out the photo page, as J-Rocc has finally learned HTML and has completely taken over the site, with a whole batch of new pics already up, and a ton more going up next week. Also, the big news, is that yours truly recieved a phone call yesterday informing me that I am booked for NWA TNA on September 17th. This is a huge opportunity, and something I have worked very hard for, and hope that I can go down there and make a good showing for myself. I am very excited about this, and have no idea yet what I will actually be doing. I will find out in the next few weeks and will update this site when I know something, who knows maybe this could be the chance I needed. But I have no pipe dreams or illusions of granduer here, I am simply going down there prepared, ready to work and bust my ass and looking to just learn and have some fun. On the more recent front, though, ths weekend I have something very fun coming up, in a loser gets tarred and feathered match against Adam Cage. This is some serious old-school stips here, and was totally thought up on the fly, but should be alot of fun to watch play out. Go to for more info on this show. I have really cut back the schedule if you noticed, and the reason is that I have enrolled back in college, and classes begin in a few weeks. Since it has been 8 years since I went to school last, I figured I should give myself some space to adapt and adjust to the workload, and on top of that, I am training the NEPW school three nights a week as well. With TNA just 7 weeks away, I want to make sure I am going in strong and hungry, not burning the candle on both ends. I will still take select bookings, so just email me with any requests and I am sure we can work something out, as this is only a few week slow-down anyways. This will give me a chance to heal up a little, put more time in the gym, and be ready to show everyone who J-Rocc is in a few weeks. Well, thats about it for now, feel free to email me about bookings, merchandise (J-Rocc DVD is still available and moving fast) or just to say hey to your favorite indy star, me. Take care, godspeed and see you all at the fights.

JUNE 16, 2003 - Well, summer is upon us finally here in Cleveland, and maybe that will brighten things up for everyone. Seems like lately everyone is shooting on their websites and live journals left and right, but unfortunately there will be no dirt here, well except I've learned on the internet that Discole Fever is only good for two things, Adam Cage is gay, Fabulous is a backyarder, Julio Dinero is only in TNA because of his friends, and noone at all likes Spiffy Sean Styles for some reason, except Jeff Traxler. Oh well, we can't all be as sweet and perfect as those people ON THE INTERNET now can we, well except Spiffy he is better than everything, and he slept with all your girlfriends too. Oh well, onto wrestling, things have really been picking up lately. On top of my schedule, I began training the NEPW Academy last month and that has really been great. The guys really want to learn the right way, and they make me proud, as they are coming along very nicely. One in particular has a real chance to make an impact eventually in this business if he keeps his head on straight, but they all will be solid additions to indy wrestling, or I will kill them. Either way, one or the other,its best for the business that way lol. Anyone interested in more info on the school, email me and I will be glad to discuss it further with anyone. As far as my schedule, I had a good match in Elyria for MCW, defending my US title against JT Lightning. We always work well together, so it was an easy night. This past weekend, after a several month trial run on the NEPW-X shows, Ghetto Fabulous made their debut to the real world of indy wrestling for Cleveland Championship Wrestling, and won a one night tournament for the new Tag Team Championship. We had a good first round match with JT Lightning and H8-Pac, and an even better final match against two young guys named Shamus O'Reilly and Romeo Vino. the crowd was all about Romeo, and we were able to have a hell of a match for it being their first and second matches respectively. CCW made a huge announcement on the show that for the first time in 30 years, they will be on FREE TV beginning in September. That is a huge deal because wrestling in Cleveland has always been on local public access, but for once the fans of Cleveland will be able to see the best in Cleveland up close and personal. If you are interested, log onto for info on the channel, time and first air dat. It will be big, for sure, and Fabulous and I will be right at the front of the road helping to blaze what will hopefully be a new and successful trail in Cleveland pro wrestling. Thanx to them for having the confidence in Fab and I to get the job done, and for those of you who haven't seen Ghetto Fabulous yet, well, you aint seen nothing yet. Sunday was the most fun, we worked WASP in Cleveland, where I defended my prestigious WASP Universal Heavyweight Championship against Sheik Hassan. The match was fine, we called it all in the ring, but the next 25 minutes of impromptu ruthlessness, one person after another, near riot caused, etc. was classic shit and you just had to be there. WASP returns to the Stars of Lebanon on W.25th St in Cleveland twice more this summer, July 20 and Aug 17. Seriously, you never know what might happen and should be there. Well, not much else for now,I'll be back in a few weeks. I hav noticed alot more people emailing and following me at some of the shows on my schedule. I really appeciate it, and hopefully more people do the same. Slowly we'll take over the world! Are you pondering what I am pondering, Pinky?

MAY 20, 2003 - Hello everyone out there. This wont be too long, as it is a very bad time in the life of J-Rocc right now, and I don't really feel much like talking about wrestling. I will say that I have had a few great matches in the last few weeks, especially I want to talk about the opportunity I had a few weeks back to work with D-Lo Brown. D-Lo is truly one of the most underrated workers out there, and WWE made a big mistake in misusing his talents, I believe. He is a great worker, and an even better person in the locker room. I was able to talk alot with him and learned a great deal, and appreciate the chance to do so. This past weekend I had another great experience when JT Lightning and I ended our fued in Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling with a bloody double juice steel cage match with a ton of old school intensity. this match is definitely thus far one of the highlights of my career and it was a great cage match, which isnt always easy. I have to thank JT for going out there and putting on a hell of a match with me. Thats about it for now, the schedule is up to date, feel free to email any questions and I'll see you guys at the fights.

APRIL 16, 2003 - A long time in updating,so I'll get started right away. We here at are pleased to announce the official release of the very first "Best of J-Rocc in NEPW" on DVD. The matches on this DVD include singles matches with myself against the likes of Chris Hamrick from ECW and XPW fame; Tracey Smothers from all over the doggone world and about half hot just thinking about it; Chris Sabin, a tremendous young wrestler out of Michigan who was a participant in this years ECWA Super 8 as well as featured in the main event on last weeks NWA-TNA broadcast; Gangrel, the former leader of the Brood in WWE;a three way dance with myself vs Chris Hamrick vs the sensational Al B Damm; and a spectacular tag team match with myself teaming with one half of the current NWA World Tag Team Champions, XXX, the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels against the re-united ECW tag team of Hot Commodity, Julio Dinero and Chris Hamrick. The DVD is $15, which includes s/h, and can be purchased by emailing the link to J-Rocc at the top of the screen. Just put DVD in the subject line. On the merchandise topic, you can also inquire about the J-Rocc 4:20 t-shirt which is available for only $12. The Best of J-Rocc in NEPW Vol. 1 is also available on VHS for $12 for those of you who don't yet have or know how to operate a DVD player. Also, for those of you who hear me shill for the NEPW shows so much and wonder what it is all about, you should go to and check out all of the NEPW titles. NEPW titles are on sale this month, so it is your chance to check out some of the great action they have produced. I would like to quickly also thank Tim Chizmar, promoter of Madmar Entertainment, for having me as a guest on his PA radio show last Sunday, it was a good time and hopefuly was entertaining to whomever was listening. I believe you can listen to the shows all the time online at for anyone interested in hearing that little deal. I had a hell of a streetfight last weekend for CAPW in Cleveland with JT Lightning, and I dont know where he sells his tapes, but if you like violence, this had it, it was very intense. Check out pics of it at and you will see what I mean. It all builds to a steel cage match on May 18, so check it out if you are in Cleveland that weekend, should be brutal. I would put over the NEPW site, but it isnt updated, the webmaster sucks (j/k Patrick) He's my webmaster too, which explains why if you cant get on this site next week now, lol, but he wouldn't do that because he is very cool and good at what he does. Still, go to because lord knows they gotta update it someday. Speaking of holy s**t they updated their website: MCW.8K.COM is finally updated, so check it out but dont rush because lord knows stuff stays up for a while, lol. But I am the champ so i gotta tell you to check it out right away. This weekend, we have a tryout with NWA Wildside, which if all goes well chould lead to a match with NWA TNA, and hopefully a spot with Wildside here and there as well. Not much else right, now, I have met alot of new faces at the shows lately, and some of them share similar interests as me, which is always a good time, and I just wanna say to all of you who have wanted to know but just werent sure: "hey, yes that is what it means" Check the site to see where I'm at and I'll see ya at the fights...

MARCH 3, 2003 - Usually I update this site more often, but I have been lazy so I haven't. February blew by pretty quickly, and things are staying real busy in the winter time, which leads me to believe when the weather breaks, things should look nice for wrestling fans all around and hopefully things keep going well for me. Lots of things since last month, starting with NEPW back at the Arena in Painesville,OH. We had a triple threat for the NEPW Triple Crown Title between Chris Hamrick, Al B Damm, and myself, and all I can say is it is still weird to be the one the NEPW fans are cheering for. The match had some really good spots, and the crowd seemed to really like it. Both of those guys are great guys to work with and it was cool to see the crowd interact between the three of us. The next night was Cleveland All Pro, and one of my favorite angles I have done in a while. It was a six man tag match between JT Lightning, Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20 against Adam Cage, 8-Pac and myself repesenting Eddie Edwards "NEPW Regime". The match was hot as all hell and the post match angle with us destroying JT, leaving him in a pool of his own blood created some great visual images and was really heated. The rematch is set for this Sunday between JT and myself, and I am sure all hell is fixin to break loose. For more and some great pics of a bloody JT, check out . The next weekend we had a trip to Crooksville for PWC snowed out by the big blizzard, they got 10 inches of snow so it was a weekend off for the Valentines holiday, which was enjoyed. Back to work on the 21st at Jimmys in the Flats, where causing a riot was the order of business on this night, and my business was good. I passed my previous record by getting 5 people thrown out of the bar for storming the ring prior to my match, which is always fun. The next night Fab and I made the trek through some hellish fog to Buffalo, NY where I teamed with Thorne(?) against Discole Fever and Judge Krush. And then came Friday the 28th, where as we were heading to Kentucky to work for Bobby Blaze,we get the call saying the show is cancelled. So then, remembering that ICW in Erie wanted me for their show that night I give them a call, only to find out that the promoter was involved an a bad car accident and was hospitalized that day. Jamie I hope you get better soon. So we headed down to "Plan C", otherwise known as Jimmy's In The Flats. I had a heck of a match with the Canadian Bad Boy, as well as a good little deal with "Randy" a trainee with MCW in Elyria whose work name I do not know offhand, lol. Then came the big Wargames match in Norwalk for NEPW, which was really beyond what I thought it would be. The crowd was eating it up, the cage was huge, and it was a great match. We had more heat than a Great White concert, with a much lower bodycount.Dive Sheiky, Dive is all I can say. and They Want Weede, They Want Weede! This weekend I am all over, so anywhere you be, you can see me, lol. Friday night, I have the debut show for CCW, which is aptly entitled 3-07-03, which for people who couldnt figure it out (?UNK?) is also the date of the show,for more info check out, as well as Jimmy's In The Flats right afterwards. Saturday is the nig NEPW show in Painesville where I'll make my first title defense against Al B Damm, and Sunday I defend my prestigious WASP Universal Championship against an unknown but highly ranked challenger, and of course finishing the weekend off with the big grudge match with JT Lightning. Whew. Till next time, see ya at the fights

FEB 5, 2003 - Not much here to update, since last time I worked for CPW down in Ashland, Kentucky against Bobby Blaze, formerly of WCW and Smokey Mountain Wrestling. It was great and a good time was had by all. I enjoyed the match very much and look forward to the opportunity to work with Bobby again soon. The next day I defended my US Heavyweight Title for Mega Championship Wrestling ( in Elyria, OH against Adam Cage. The match was great, and the crowd was into it, even through an extremely long show that had them exhausted and half of them had left by the time we worked, but I loved it nonetheless as we work well together. This weekend is a big one, as Friday for those of you in central OH, I have PWC ( Newark,where they are debuting their training facilities/PWC Arena. I will be facing my evil arch nemesis Richard Weede, once again with the dastardly stipulation of the loser wearing a dress. Lightning couldnt strike twice, could it? Then again, who would have thought Id ever see Richard Weede outside of NEPW, and he would beat me, again, and this would happen, again? This could not possibly be good...Anyways, on Saturday, NEPW ( another of their great shows at the NEPW Arena (Painesville Armory)where anything and everything is liable to happen. Plus, well, just wait till they see...On Sunday its back to work for CAPW ( in Cleveland where I will get the privelege of teaming with Tracey Smothers and Adam Cage, too, against the threesome of Josh Prohibition, M-Dogg 20 (also known as MATT and JOSH from XPW!), and JT Lightning, which should be one hell of a match in all seriousness. CAPW is building up to their 10th anniversary blowout in May, and this is one of the last chances to set it up, so expect something special from CAPW this weekend. I'd also like to thank the promoters of Buffalo Championship Wrestling for allowing J-Rocc the opportunity to debut in New York, and expose myself (not literally, you are sick)to a whole new audience. Many other big things are in the works for J-Rocc, so keep checking here to find out before everyone else.Not much else, so until next time, take care and see you at the fights

JAN 2003 - Wow, so much to talk about this time, I have realized that once or twice a month is about all the site is going to be updated, so I apologize to those of you who wait around for me (ego, huh?) to update. Well, January started off with NEPW-X at Jimmy's In The Flats, Downtown Cleveland, alot of fun as usual. The next day was the monthly NEPW Painesville show, which was awesome. Richard Weede and I brought back our fued for one more match in NEPW, and the crowd was eating it up. He was great on that night, and we worked one of our best matches yet. The next day, I had the privelege of working with one of the real nice guys in indy wrestling, and one of the best workers as well, in "Classic" Colt Cabana, for Cleveland All Pro Wrestling. I fractured my kneecap very early in the match, but we were still able to have a very good little deal and I await the next chance I have to lock up with Colt Cabana. The next weekend we were back at Jimmys where Fabulous and I continued out running fued with Discole Fever and Adam Cage for the Tag Titles, which are beginning to turn into some pretty good matches. We had two great tag matches on this night, including one very good 2/3 falls match. Too bad this isnt the crowd that appreciates it, but even the hardest of them all were still into these matches. The next night was NEPW in Norwalk,OH, its 2nd regular tour stop. This night I teamed with Southern Anarchy (Brody and Blackhammer), to battle Sheik Hassan, Dick Trimmons and Jim The Anvil Neidhart. It was fun and the crowd was all over it. Neidhart was very fun to work with, a real professional, and I was glad to learn from him. NEPW had an afterparty later on, and all of the boys partied and a good time was had by all. The next weekend had Jimmy's In the Floods. You say what? It's the Flats??? No, on this night, it became Jimmy's in the Floods, and in no way can this story do justice to what happened. As the show was winding down, I noticed a small leak in the cieling and water dripping down. A few minutes later, the leak had grown a little, and I called the boys over from the bar, as we were having a great time before this, to see the ceiling leak. Well, we arent sure how, but somewhere in the next 2 minutes it turned into a full fledged flood.It was truly like a scene from a movie. When we opened a door to go upstairs, water was rushing down the staircase, the walls were looking like waterfalls, the roof was leaking from every oraface possible and we are all rushing to get the ring out before the ceiling collapses, which they said could be any minute. It was so cold that night, that everything was freezing up, peoples hair, it was a mess. There had to be a foot and a hlaf of water on the floor and it was rushing out to the street, about 6 Cleveland Fire Trucks showed up. it was surreal. You had to be there. Anyways, on this night I worked with Dick Trimmons, which is always one of my favorite matches. Trimmons is so easy to work with and I love coming up with ways to get his gimmick over. This was one of the better matches seen at Jimmys so far. Next was CAPW, and I teamed with Adam Cage, CAPW champion, to take on Discole Fever and the returning JT Lightning. I think this completes the circle for JT and I, as I was the one in the ring with him when he was seriously injured 1 year ago this week, and I was in the ring with him upon his return, and I did everything I could to make it a great return. Adam and I didnt even attempt to get any heat on JT, we just bumped our asses off for him. It's respect and its how you should do it, in my opinion. This weekend, I will make my debut in the state of Kentucky, for Championship Pro Wrestling, run by Bobby Blaze, and defend my MCW US Title for the first time in Elyria against Adam Cage. Anyone in the area of those, please come on out and support J-Rocc, like you always do. Until next time, take care, be safe and I'll se you at the fights

HAPPY NEW YEAR 1st UPDATE OF 2003 Quickly, I would like to mention a few things. I would like everyone who has been a purveyor of this site for a time already to also thak note that as of today, January 5th (The day the Buckeyes won the title!!!)that you can now directly access the site through the new url, It's easy and simple, and hopefully it will help open up a whole new group of fans to the world of J-Rocc. I would also like to quickly plug a few shows for this month, if anyone is close enough to attend, these should be good: Of course, NEPW out in Painesville is always a great show, the next one being on Jan. 11 (; Jan. 12 for Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling I get my first opportunity to square off with "Classic" Colt Cabana, of IWA Mid-South and mid-western indy fame. I am excited about this and it should be a great match, so check it out as well.( Jan. 18, I get the opportunity to work with one-half of the greatest tag team in WWF history, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, as myself and Total Anarchy take on Sheik Hassan, Dick Trimmons, and the Anvil for NEPW in Norwalk,OH ( 24 in Erie,PA I will be working with "Luscious" Rocky Reynolds (yes, that Rocky Reynolds, the 4 time NWA junior heavyweight champion)in the first round of their heavyweight title tourney ( 31 I will be back in Columbus,OH taking on that no-good Richard Weede for the PWC, loser once again awears a dress, but NOT THIS TIME MISTER!!!( don't forget every Friday night, NEPW puts on Friday Night Fights at Jimmy's In The Flats, located next to the circus on the West Bank of the Flats. It is free and a great time is had by all. I would also like to quickly mention that on Saturday, December 21st, I defeated Chris Kole to become the new Mega Championship Wrestling US Champion and I would like to thank all involved, and all of you fans who filled that place up 4 days before Christmas to support me. It is so greatly appreciated! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season, and with all the end of the year stuff everywhere else, I figure why be original. So without further ado, here is the annual J-Rocc Year-In-Review.

Titles Won/Held In 2002:
New Era Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Title, entered year as champion, defeated in a steel cage by Chris Hamrick on May 11, 2002, Painesville,OH;
ACW Heavyweight Champion, current, defeated Sheik Hassan and Prince Juggalo, April 23, 2002, Washington Courthouse,OH;
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling North American Tag Team Titles w/ Chris Kole, won from Hot Commodity November 2, 2002, lost to Josh Prohibition/M-Dogg 20 on December 8, 2002, Cleveland,OH;
Mega Championship Wrestling United States Championship, current, won from Chris Kole, December 21, 2002, Elyria,OH

Top Ten Matches of 2002:
10) vs. Chris Hamrick, January 26, NEPW, Painesville,OH
9) vs. Magnum, June 1, Madmar Promotions, Titusville,PA
8) vs. Chris Sabin March 9, NEPW, Painesville,OH
7) vs. Adam Cage, June 23, CAPW, Cleveland,OH
6) vs. Chris Kole, December 21, MCW, Elyria,OH
5) vs. Chris Hamrick, July 27, MCW, Elyria,OH
4) vs. Fabulous, October 26, ICW, Erie,PA
3) vs. Gangrel, November 30, NEPW, Norwalk,OH
2) w/ Christopher Daniels vs. Hot Commodity (Chris Hamrick/Julio Dinero), February 9, NEPW, Painesville,OH
1) vs. Richard Weede Loser Leaves Town Last Man Standing, October 6, NEPW, Painesville,OH

NOV - DEC 2002 NEW MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE NOW-READ HERE!!! Before I begin another diatribe of J-Rocc proportions, I have to shill the merchandise. Soon, the webmaster will have a merchandise page set up, as well as the new pics up on the site, but for now this will have to do. The all new J-Rocc merchandise is finally ready for home orders as well as live events. Available now are the brand new Best of J-Rocc, Vol. 1,2 and 3. Vol 1 has myself vs. Chris Hamrick NEPW Jan '02,w/ Christopher Daniels vs Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero NEPW Feb '02,vs. Chris Sabin NEPW Mar '02,vs. Tracey Smothers NEPW Dec '01,vs. Fabulous ICW Oct '02, and the rematch with Fabulous from ICW Nov '02. Vol. 2 has myself vs. Big Vito NWA May '02, vs. Chris Hamrick MCW July '02, and the entire series of matches and angles between myself and Richard Weede from NEPW July-Oct '02. Vol. 3 contains myself vs. Gangrel NEPW Nov '02, as well as the grudge rematch with Gangrel from NEPW Nov '02, w/Chris Kole vs. Josh Prohibition/MDogg 20 CAPW Dec '02,vs. Chris Hamrick inside a STEEL CAGE NEPW May '02, vs. Nova NEPW Jan '01, vs. Dick Trimmons PWC Nov '02. Each tape is $15, which includes shipping and handling. Also available is the brand new J-Rocc 4:20 T-Shirt, available in black or white,sizes S-XL, with the all new J-Rocc logo on the front in green and red, and J-Rocc's Experience Greatness, Experience Excellence, Experience J-Rocc catchphrase on the back in green as well. Shirts are also $15 and that includes S/H. Also available for the first time online is the glossy autographed J-Rocc color 8 X 12 photo, personalized to your liking, for only $5. Grab it while its around, because the merchandise has been selling like never before. Catch on the wave that is J-Rocc now before you're following the rest of the pack. If you would like to purchase any of the above, send a check or money order made out to CASH only, with J-Rocc Merchandise written on the memo line, for the total amount along with a neatly written explanation of your order to J-Rocc Merchandise 4218 Mapledale Ave. Cleveland,OH 44109. (Note to all would be J-Rocc stalkers and groupies, that IS NOT a persons residence, nor anywhere you would find J-Rocc, it is simply a mailing address) OK, now that that is over, how is everyone doing. It has been so hectic lately, no time to breathe, but yet I persevere, lol. November 8 I was down at Jimmy's In The Flats ( for the weekly NEPW-Xtreme event. These are very fun to work at and we always have a ball. NEPW and Jimmys have gotten some great exposure as well, appearing in an article in last weeks Friday Magazine of the Plain Dealer. If you ever have nothing to do on a Friday night, come on down to Jimmy's on the East Bank of the Flats, it free to get in and a great time for all. On the 15th I was down in Columbus again for the wonderful people at the PWC, who really are trying to get something going in a bad time for the business. I wish them the best ( and love working for them. On this night it was a great match between myself and Dick Trimmons,that everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy it greatly. The next day Chris Kole and I faced Klub Xtreme for CAPW at a new location for CAPW, who still drew decent considering. CAPW is building up to its 10th Anniversary show in MAY, thats a long time to be around and going strong, so check them out ( The next weekend besides the foray into the Flats, I faced Adam Cage at MCW's Elyria show, to see who faces MCW Champion Chris Kole on Dec 21. I was able to get the duke in a great and grueling matchup, and so I will have my first title shot in MCW this upcoming weekend. Not to sound like a "mark" but I take stuff like this seriously, and hopefully all you great people who I see at the various shows I work will come out and support me on this one. It should be great, as we are the top two "good guys" in MCW, so it will be interesting to say the least. Novemeber ended out with a triple shot, starting in Erie,PA with ICW. ( and I met again, and this one was great, and we ended the match in a way that left everyone pissed, as I used brass knuks earlier in the night and put them in Fabs tights, and when he got the duke on me, I told the ref a little white fib, and he found the knucks on Fab and gave me the win. Fab had to denounce his hometown of Erie to the people,which they hated me for and it was even better when he got the last laugh. The next night in Norwalk for NEPW I had the privelege yet again of working with Gangrel, and we had a much better match than the first time in my opinion. I was out inside his casket afterwards, which was very different to be sure. The weekend ended and the month of December began in Painesville for the monthly NEPW show there. Aero and I took on Al B Damm and KidRageous. I wanted to see what Al B Damm had, and what he was all about. All in all, it worked out, and Al B has potential to be the man one day. December 6 I worked twice at Jimmys, taking on Discole Fever and then a tag match against Fever and Adam Cage, both of which went well. Fever is a really nice guy who is still very green in the ring, but works hard and is trying to learn, so I give him credit. Guys like that, I have no problem doing anything I can do to help, because you know they want it and are wiling to work at it. Guys like Fabulous, Discole, Al B Damm, Adam Cage and so many others those are just the first I can think of off hand. (NO FLAMES ON MESSAGE BOARDS PLEASE, I LOVE EVERYONE) The next weekend for CAPW, Chris Kole and I dropped the tag title to Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20. I had a blast working with these guys, especially Josh who is very fluid and solid in the ring. I hope to work with these guys many many more times. Next came the unthinkable. I was all set to take on Jay Pumper in Columbus for the PWC last weekend, when I felt a little frisky and decided to take over the show. I hit the ring and was having my say when , I can't even believe to say it, guess who showed up to ask me to leave the ring. PWC referee...RICHARD WEEDE. Yes, that little weasel is back again, and we had it out again, and somehow he got me by a countout, again.Can someone say "Deja-Freakin-Vu"? Well, guess what happened next. In my postmatch rant, I released a few five letter words (i.e, BITCH) and their "Commish" took offense, and set up a rematch next month to see who the "bitch" is, me vs. Weede...LOSER WEARS A DRESS! Jesus H Christ Here we Go Again... If I dont update until then, I wish each and every one of you the very best of Holidays. Enjoy Christmas and the New Year's, Be Safe, enjoy your families and loved ones for they are precious as is the time we have to spend with them, but most importantly, BUY SOME J-ROCC MERCHANDISE!!!

OCT - NOV 2002 Sorry so long to update the site, I have been so busy lately that it has kept slipping my mind, but now I am here, so lets get on with it. First, I would just like to thank Pro Wrestling Illustrated for recognizing me for the third straight year in their PWI 500 rankings of the top 500 wrestlers in the world. Ok then, I ended September in the finals for the CAPW TV title with Sheik Hassan and was very dissapointed in myself that night, as it just didnt work for some reason, but the poeple liked it so I guess it was fine. October saw me begin by debuting for PWC, a relatively new group in the central ohio region, that seems to have their head on straight and the money to get things done, so we shall see. My opponent was Blackhammer, and we worked a very good match, that I felt had great psychology, and was offered a full time gig from this, so the promoters must have enjoyed it as well. Next was a match I have anticipated for a long time, and it lived up to all of my expectations, against Richard Weed in Painesville for NEPW. It was last man standing, and the culminaton a a feud that we built for months, with loser gets fired stips. The people were hot for this and we really took it up a notch, and for nayone who hasnt seen an NEPW show, this is the one to get on home video, as it also features a spectacular 3 way tag team dance between Josh Prohibtion and MDogg, the SAT and Divine Storm that was off the charts, and a great main event between two of the most underrated indy workers today, Julio Dinero and Jerry Lynn. he tape is worth the 15 bucks and then some. Go to for info, or call 440-342-3345. Next up, I went down to Columbus,OH for my return engagement with the PWC (, this time for the finals of the Trans National Title tourney against local hero Rok Wyler, who was alot of fun and we had a good little match. PWC also began the J-Rocc/Richard Weed fued all over again, and I believe they are going to run it all the way, meaning a whole new group of fans will be exposed to this unique fued. Next up was MCW back in Elyria for the first time in months. I love MCW, because it is the only fed I work babyface for, and the momentum is really gaining on it. I sold over $100 in J-Rocc merchandise at this show, and really think the people are starting to make this bigger than anyone planned. MCW is planning on runnig a top fued of myself vs Chris Kole soon, so it should be a fun next few months in MCW. On this night, however, I worked Fabulous, in our string of never ending battles, this time with myself getting the duke. I will say this now, Fabulous is my favorite young indy guy, and you all will remember his name before it is all said and done. The next night we took the act to Fab's hometown, Erie PA and stole the show, according to all the boys in the back. It was my privelege to put him over huge in his hometown and I cant wait to do it again Nov 29. Check out for more info. November started out with a bang, as on Friday night, NEPW had the first of its weekly shows at Jimmy's In The Flats in Cleveland,OH. This was a ball, as we just has fun the whole night long, and it is not for the weak at heart, as they use everything that isnt nailed down in those hardcore deals (I dont do that stuf, lol)and I am allowed to cut promos my way, the uncensored way, the J-Rocc way!!! It is great, anyone in Cleveland should check it out as it fun and its free. The next night, NEPW began the "invasion" of CAPW, as Eddie Edwards berated the CAPW product and proclaimed his superior. To back him up, he brought out the first members of his stable, myself, Chris Kole, and Tracey Smothers. Smothers helped Kole and myself capture the CAPW N.A. tag Team titles in a 3 way dance with N8 Mattson and Chris Sabin, and the champs Julio Dinero and Chris Hamrick. then Kole and myself helped Smothers steal a win from Jerry Lynn, before eating a cradle piledriver from Lynn for our troubles. The NEPW Invasion has begun in earnest, whats next??? Maybe the NA Heavyweight Title on the 16th of Nov??? ( Sunday, I had the privelege of working one of the most professional, down to earth and nicest men in this business, Gangrel, who is just beyond words. He put me over so strong it was scary to watch the tape afterwards, and I owe him more thanks than I can ever give him. Any promoters out there wasting money on names, use Gangrel, he wont dissapoint. Thats it for now, look at the schedule on the left of the screen, I have a busy month and hope to see some of you guys there. Until then- PS- I would just like to volunteer to pay the ransom on you , Jackie, as we are worried. Come back soon, lol.

JULY - SEPT 2002 How are you doing out there this week? Hopefully all is well and you are remembering the things that are truly important this week,and remembering the many people who aren't here today to do the same. That said, let's get to the update, and it's a big one...July was a pretty slow month, only a few shows worth noting. I had another in a great series of matches with Chris Hamrick for MCW in Elyria,OH on the 27th, which is really gaining some good local fan suport and momentum as a promotion ( I also had the next step in my NEPW angle with Richard Weed, the referee. The stipulations were that the loser of the dress would have to wear a dress at the big September show for NEPW. Aftre having the match in control, as usual, my cockiness got the best of me and I was upset by the upstart referee, who the Painesville crowd adores for some reason. So I had to wear the dress...I'll get to that later. Few other oddball shows here and there, nothing of note. August, things really picked up some steam. I started out the month with MCW in Elyria again on the 9th, not much to talk about there, WASP in Cleveland on the 11th, where I defended their heavyweight title against Aero in one of the most classic matches of all time, lol, then came the week of NEPW at the Lake County Fair. NEPW was asked to be a main attraction at this years fair, so we put on 8 shows in 6 days and it was the test of the iron man for sure. My opponents for the week in chronological order: w/Total Anarchy vs. Blackhammer and Kidd Quick, vs. Genocide, vs. Richard Weed, vs. Sheik Hassan (both in front of over 600 people), vs. Crazy Cruz, vs. Gabriel Knight (match of the week), vs. Blackhammer, vs Dick Trimmons, vs Crazy Cruz, vs Richard Weed. GRAND TOTAL: 11 matches, 8 days. I wasa so worn down after that strecth, but really no time to let up. The next weekend I had MCW again, and a very good match with Aero. The month of August concluded with a trip to St. Clairsville,OH for Shasta's MECW, where Jerry Lawler was in attendance. I had a decent little match with Chris Kole, and made a ton of money on gimmicks, so it was well worth it, and a great end to the month. September started out on the 7th, in Painesville for NEPW and THE DRESS SHOW. This was one of the best and worst moments of my career, as it was incredibly successful and I must admit a little humorous, but still, I was wearing a dress. But a good time was had by all and it was a very entertaining and profitable spectacle, so it was worth it. It also was the angle that set up probably one of the most heated matches I will have had thus far, as the referee Richard Weed and myself battle next month in a loser gets fired match. The crowd was incredibly hot for this angle, so I think it should pop the house. For more info and tix while they last (Jerry Lynn, Gillberg and the SAT will be there as well), go to Thats about it for now, I'll be back next month, and I appreciate each and every one of your support. Without you there is no me! See ya at the fights!

MAY - JUNE 2002 I havent updated this site in a while, been so busy, so here is a big long one for those of you who still check out this website. May started off with a double NEPW weekend the 10th and 11th. I worked with Chris Hamrick both nights, and the match on the 10th was probably one of our finest matches to date. The next night was the big steel cage grudge match we had built up to out in Painesville,OH for the last 8 months, and the fans didnt dissapoint, as they packed the Armory and were rocin and rolling as Hamrick finally won the title, with his career on the line. The next weekend, I headed down to Wellston,OH for NWA TriState, where I wrestled former WCW and ECW star Big Vito. It was a very good match in front of a very small and unappreciative crowd, but our match got the most reaction it could and I had a blast with it. That Sunday, the 19th, I wrestled for WASP in Lakewood,OH and I had a match with a guy named Twitch. May 25, i was back in one of my favorite feds to work for, MCW in Elyria,OH. On this night, it was a tag team title tournament, where myself and Sheik Hassan teamed up as the High Rollers. In the first round, we quickly dispatched of the team of Dick Trimmons, whose gimmick is pretty funny, and Johnny Blaze. The less said, the better. The next round, we were ruthlessly robbed of victory by the team of PHAT, Spence Slater and Fabulous. That was a good little match though, and it was a good time for all. I like teaming with Sheiky anyways, we have fun. June began in Titusville,PA on the 1st for NWA TriState, where I had a great little match with their champion, Magnum. It was a blast, and there was a nice house, so we cleaned up on gimmicks. I got over pretty well, and it was an easy crowd to entertain, so I would love the chance to work with them again soon. On June 9, WASP held a 4 man tournament to crown their champion. in the first round, i had a nice matchup with Aero, which was great, and I cant wait to do it again indoors! The finals saw me and Chris Kole, and by this time it was 100 degrees on the mat, so we worked for about 5 minutes a nice japanese style match and got out of there. Oh yea, I won the WASP title. next was NEPW in Painesville,OH again, and I had another great matchup with Richard Weed/Fabulous that had the crowd going crazy. It was one of the highlights of my year thusfar for sure. Next month we come back with a rematch, Loser Wears a Dress! Stay Tuned, J-Rocc fans, your icon in a dress??? Check out for more info on that one! Next up was MCW in Elyria and I took on Spence Slater, vowing revenge for their defeat of us last month. After easliy dispatching of the "Shooter", I was saved and then pummeled by my pal/enemy Chris Hamrick, and we did a great set-up for a big grudge deal next month out there. For info on that, which will be great, go to Speaking of MCW, they are having a show in conjunction with the United Way Walkathon on June 29 in Lorain,OH. if you are out that way, come check it out, matches start at 1PM. The month ended with a return of J-Rocc to, CAPW, where I defeated Adam Cage in the semifinal match opf the TV title tourney, and the helped Matt Vandal defeat Mr. Insanity for the NA title as well. I thought the match went real well, and I hope to get some momentum rolling in CAPW as well. Thats it for now, I will be back in the next few weeks with a new update. Thanx to all of the fans who I see at all the shows I work, I appreciate the support. Till next time, theres always time for 4:20!

MAR - APRIL 2002 I have been all over the place lately, so many different things going on all at once that this summer is surely going to be one to remember. NEPW, out of Ohio has some really big things coming up that are going to be great for indy wrestling in this entire region, and I can't wait. Gotta take a minute to thank Jacquie, who helps make alot of great things possible for me, as well as Chad Murphy from, for the excellent interview he conducted with me last week, which is now available online at, it was apleasure and I hope all the fans of indy wrestling had as much pleasure reading it as I did in doing it. I had some great matches in the last month, as it seems that more and more my matches have really been picking up lately. Probably the best was in Painesville April 6, against Chris Sabin. As you can see by some of my previous posts, we have had some great ones before, and I enjoy every chance I get to work with him! This was alos taped for Smart Mark Home Video, so check them out to get a copy of the entire show, which was awesome, at (Quickly while shilling sites, also check out, and the brand new as well) This was the show with one of the greatest indy show promos I think anyne will ever see, with the infamous 10-10-220 line, and the big announcement that on May 11, it will be me vs Chris Hamrick one final time, title vs career, inside of a steel cage! This should be great and I implore everyone who can be there not to miss it, as WCW's Konnan will also be in the house. Speaking of K-Dawg, the night before in Cleveland, Julio Dinero and myself will be teaming to meet Chris Hamrick and Konnan, so check that out if you get the chance as well. The whole site is updated, so check it out, drop me a line, and see you all at the matches!

FEB - MAR 2002 Very busy past month for me. I had this really long post planned until this past weekend, and something very tragic that happened. While in Elyria,OH for MCW, Sheik Abdul Hassan and I were at the end of a very good tag match with Adam Cage and JT Lightning, when JT planted and his knee bickled, messing himself up pretty bad. As of now, I dont really know how long he will be out, it seems pretty bad though, and I just wish JT all the best and the quickest recovery possible. All the heat we had in the past, JT is the guy who first trained me and if it wasnt for him, there might not be a me, so i will always feel a bond with JT. I will be back in a week or so with more, take care all and see ya at the matches.

FIRST UPDATE OF 2002!!! Welcome to a new year everyone, and one that has started out with a bang for yours truly. In January, first I was in Weirton, WV on the 18th in a 3 way dance with Dash Bennett (who is a very good young worker) and Van Hughes. The match blew, but it was fun and I would love the chance to work with Dash again sometime. Then on the 25th, I was back in weirton, this time in front of a packed house, defending the NEPW Triple Crown Title against Sheik Abdul Hassan. The heat we got was tremendous and it was a good little match. Afterwards, we headed over to the casino and I hit for 150 bucks on my first slot machine, so it was a great night!!!The month closed out for me in Painesville, OH for NEPW, and I have to say that this was probably the best overall indy card I have ever been priveleged enough to work on, and I am damn proud of all of the guys there that night, and damn proud to have had something to do with it. Orion and Julio Dinero absolutely stole the show, with one of the finest indy matches I have seen in a long time. Everyone was on, Mike Preston and Kid Kash was great as well. On the subject of Preston (who used to be known as Protege, and also Mike Christian) as well as his partner Matt Vandal, I would like to say something on the record. I hear alot of stuff from guys, and I even thought along some of these same lines at first, that they were not paying their dues, because their agent gets them booked everynight against names. 99% of the time that would be a fair assessment. But after watching both Prestons match with Kash, Kash literally spent 80% of the match just kicking the shit out of Preston, who just did as he was told and did his part to make it a great match, without the slightest complaint,and nothing but thanx afterwards (you know, the way it is supposed to be, LOL!). Same for Matt Vandal, as New Jack beat the shit out of him much the same. After watching these guys matches, and more importantly their reactions afterwards, I came to the conclusion that if they are working 3, 4 or 5 nights a week against guys like this, and taking the beating they took over and over, then they are more than paying their dues!!! Matt and Andy are two of the nicest and most professional guys in the lockerrom, and they reall get a bad rap, and unneccessary heat because people have problems with things that have nothing to do with them. On the locker room subject, as I continue to digress further, the NEPW lockerroom is really one of the best I have seen in the indies. Everyone is great and gets along, there is the right mix of young guys that are very good and willing to learn like Aero, Chris Kole, PHAT, Genocide, Matt Vandal, Mike Preston, and others, along with great veterans who are excellent teachers like Chris Hamrick, JT Lightning, Sheik Hassan, Orion, Kid Kash, Julio Dinero, and others who rotate like Tracey Smothers and Nova you cant ask for a better environment to grow something great. My first outings in Feb also look great, as on Friday, Feb 8th I am in Wooster,OH for Mid-Ohio Wrestling taking on IM Krazy, then on Feb 9 and 10th, I am part of two of the biggest shows in Ohio indy history, as both the SAT's and Christopher Daniels make their first Ohio appearances ever!!!On Saturday, Feb. 9th, NEPW ( is back in Painesville with a card including Christopher Daniels teaming with myself, to take on Hot Commodity, plus the SAT's, Red, MDogg-20, JT Lightning, Sheik Hassan, Kid Kash, Nova, Mike Preston, Matt Vandal, Brian Anthony, Team Teabag, Brian XL, Donnie B, Cuefa, Prince Juggalo, Josh Prohibition, Aero, OH MY GOD what a card!!!! Then on the 10th, Cleveland All-Pro ( Daniels, SATs, MDogg, Lightning, Prohibition, Kristy Myst from XPW, Chris Hamrick, Nova, Dinero, and so many others. This will really be a great weekend for Ohio independant wrestling. Hope to see ya at the shows!!!!.

FINAL UPDATE OF 2001 !!!! Well, everyone the year has come and gone and it is time for 2002, which mark my words now will forever be known as the year of independent wrestling, and J-Rocc plans on being at the top of the heap and ready to take that next step when the dust settles on 2002. But before we can look ahead, we might as well look back, so here is my special end of the year column. I would like to begin by pointing out the new look and features of the site. Everything is updated and redone, so check it all out before you leave, some great new pics are up, new links to all your (or at least my) favorite wrestling and wrestler sites on the web, a new home page, and so much more, with video coming in 2002. While I am talking about it, I would like to take a minute to mention and give credit and publicly thank the man who makes it all look so good, Patrick Donovan, who is simply put the best website guy on the net today. He also does the New Era site ( which is top notch, and his rates are very reasonable, so any of you guys interested in getting a site, or making your current site better, click the email link and I will send you all the info. You wont be disappointed! With that out of the way, I have put together several end of the year sections to this update, enjoy and see ya in 2002...
Promotions J-Rocc appeared for in 2001: New Era Pro Wrestling (OH), Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling (OH), Championship Wrestling of America (Indiana), Cleveland Wrestling Alliance (OH), Fire And Ice Wrestling (OH), 3 Rivers Wrestling (PA), International Wrestling Force (PA), No Barriers Wrestling (PA), AIWA (OH), Allied Powers Wrestling Federation (PA), North Coast Championship Wrestling (OH), Mega Championship Wrestling (OH), and The National Wrestling Alliance. Thank you to all of these promotions for allowing me a place to work, improve and do what I love to do!

J-Rocc's 2001 Title History: March 31 - d. Prince Juggalo, NCCW TV Title Euclid,OH May 14 - d. HC Loc (ECW), NEPW North Coast Title Geneva,OH July 28 - d. The Bouncer, NEPW Triple Crown Title TLC Match Euclid,OH October 13 - lost NEPW Triple Crown Title, Chris Hamrick (ECW) Cleveland,OH October 20 - w/Prince Juggalo, CWA Tag Team Titles Huntington,IN October 27 - d. Kassanova Kato, APWF 24/7 Hardcore Title Indiana,PA October 27 - lost APWF 24/7 Hardcore Title, Charlie Mansun Indiana,PA November 4 - d. Chris Hamrick (ECW), NEPW Triple Crown Title Painesville,OH

J-Rocc's Top Ten Matches of 2001: This is a shoot list of the 10 best matches I had this year. This list, truly, has no bullshit on it, and I would be proud to put any of these matches on tape for anyone to enjoy, as I sure did.

10. 03/07/01; NEPW; Geneva,OH: J-Rocc & Freebirdz 2000 vs. HC Loc (ECW), ECW Towel Boy, & Chris Leary Best 2 out of 3 Falls - This was a very fast paced match with a lot of good teamwork on both sides. We did an awesome injury swerve with Towel Boy that got over very well with the crowd. Almost 30 minutes of non-stop action!

9. 07/15/01; AIWA; Canal Fulton,OH: J-Rocc vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine - A lot of the boys say that you cant have a good match with Greg, he is old, and stiff, and whatever. I found out that was far from the truth! I admit I was worried about the quality of the match heading in, but man was it good. I just decided that the only way we could do this good was to be stiff as hell, and that's what we did. There were no highspots, but it was so stiff that it ended up being a great match and one of my personal favorites.

8. 07/28/01; NEPW; Euclid,OH: J-Rocc vs. Bouncer TLC Match, 45 minutes long - At the time of this match, we all thought it was a classic, but a few months later it doesn't hold up as well on tape. It was still great though, for the pure effort and energy of a solid 45 minute match, easily my longest singles match, and the effort we gave really made up for the lack of Hardy Boyz/Edge and Christian style spots.

7. 08/22/01; NEPW/CWA; Cleveland,OH: J-Rocc vs. Chris Sabin - Sabin and I worked each other a half a dozen times this year, and in all honesty, they were all great, but this one and the one higher on the list were the best. This match had the Boys and Girls club rocking and was just a great mix of pure wrestling, high-flying and sweet highspots. I really love this match!

6. 10/13/01; NEPW; Cleveland,OH: J-Rocc vs. Chris Hamrick - This was at the United We Stand 9/11 benefit show, and it was Chris and myself first time working against each other. We only went about 8 minutes because it was so late by the time we went on, but it was hot and non-stop and was a great match. Chris is so awesome to work with, really, call me a mark but I think he is just one of the best indies going today and it is a shame he isn't working in the WWF, because he would draw money up there for sure.

5. 10/28/01; NBW; McKeesport,PA: J-Rocc & MDogg-20 vs. JT Lightning & Josh Prohibition - This was just a great, old style tag team match, with phenomenal psychology, MDogg and his freakin highspots from another planet, a great train wreck spot, and so much more...all in a building with no heat in 30 degree weather. We tore that place down and stole the show with by far the best tag match I was in this year.

4. 12/15/01; MCW; Elyria,OH: J-Rocc vs. Prince Juggalo - Let me tell you, there is no way in hell I would have guessed in a million years that this match would have ended up being what it turned into. We had the entire place rocking and they were rabid by the time we really got cooking. They were marking out huge for the Austin "What?!?" chant, so we played off that and did a huge cycle of WWF finish spots that tore the roof off the place. It was really probably one of the most entertaining things I have ever been a part of!

3. 08/27/01; FIW; Reynoldsburg,OH: J-Rocc vs. Chris Sabin - As I said earlier, we had so many great matches, but this one was hands down number one. Work wise, it blew away anything I did this year, as we went full tilt, back and forth for 15 minutes and the place was exhausted when we were done, as were we. I suffered a concussion doing the top rope sunset flip turned powerbomb spot and couldn't even drive home that night, but it was well worth it.

2. 12/08/01; NEPW; Painesville,OH: J-Rocc vs. Tracey Smothers - Man, what can you say about Tracey Smothers. He is awesome, one of my best friends in this business, and total professional and great at the job. He is truly what every young worker needs to work with every night to truly learn what this business is all about. This match was so old school it was new again, as it was a good 5 minutes before we even locked up, and instead of being bored, we had them rabid and wanting to see my ass get handed to me, and then for the next 18 minutes, back and forth Tracey and I kicked the shit out of each other, with the crowd experiencing every ebb and flow of emotion with us. The last 3 minutes of the match, Tracey fired up and hit me with every thing he had and the place was rocking and reeling and so jacked up and out of nowhere, I hit the DVD for the pin and it was over. You had to hear the whoosh as the air was just sucked out of the place, they truly couldn't believe what happened and it was a good minute or two before they started buzzing when they finally realized what had just happened. That was the first time I had first hand experienced seeing the crowd puzzled, actually having to figure out what happened like that. and I think it is no coincidence that they sold 20 tix that night for the next show. I don't mean by having a good show, either, because that was only part of it.It was like giving a someone a hit of dope and watching them fly and be stoned and love the experience and out of nowhere, boom its gone, and they will do whatever to get that feeling back! It was truly amazing to experience and be a part of!

1. 11/04/01; NEPW; Painesville,OH : J-Rocc vs. Chris Hamrick - This was the rematch from October, and with a month to get ready, Chris and I proceeded to tear the roof off of the Armory. When he took the bump through the middle rope to the floor, I almost pissed myself, and the crowd went apeshit. Then while he was firing up on the outside on me, I grabbed my 3 year old son and pulled him in front of me, instantly making every person in that building try and kick my ass!!! I could go on and on, but it was just phenomenal, I learned more that night than many do their whole career, and I will always be grateful to Chris for allowing me to learn from him.

NEWS UPDATE WEEK OF OCTOBER 12 - 18 Updated the schedule and added a ton of new pics, make sure to check them out!!! Also this week was the APWF's Diceman III show, which is held in the memory of indy wrestler and step-son of promoter Chris Lash Robert Hornack, who passed away tragically a few years back in a swimming accident. The show itself was very moving, and I was glad to have been a part of it. Thank you APWF, a true class act.

WEEK OF 10/29 - 11/04 On November 3rd, I was in Elizabeth,PA attending a wrestling clinic hosted by the ECWA, and led by the BackSeat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) and Chris Hamrick. It was a cool thing to go to, and I picked up a few things, but no matter what, it was worth going because the day you stop learning is the day someone else gets better than you. Chris Kole from MCW and NEPW went along with me, and he was a really cool guy to travel with. Chris is a very good young worker, and I look forward to working him when we return for ECWA on the 17th of this month. The next night, in Painesville, I worked Chris Hamrick in a rematch for the NEPW Triple Crown Title, in front of a rabid crowd of about 150 people, who sounded like 1000. I am dead serious, these guys were insane, and Chris and I tore the place down. In my opinion it was one of the best matches of my career, as for 15 minutes we worked the psychology and had those fans in the palm of our hand. I am thankful for the opportunity to work guys like Chris, who are just so great to work with and so smart to this business, that you would have to be a complete idiot not to learn something from. I will never forget this match, and oh yea, I also became champ for a 2nd time. But really, it was great, and NEPW is back there on Dec. 8 and it should be even better. Took next weekend off to celebrate baby J-Rocc's 3rd birthday, so I wont be back for two weeks, so take care and again thanx for supporting the site.


10/04 UWC Akron,OH
10/08 Extreme War Cleveland,OH
10/11 UWC Akron,OH
10/18 UWC Akron,OH
10/22 PWR Erie,PA
10/29 IWC McKeesport,PA
11/19 Extreme War Euclid,OH
11/20 IWC Uniontown,PA
11/27 IWC McKeesport,PA
12/03 IWC Oil City,PA
12/06 UWC TV Akron,OH
12/13 UWC TV Akron,OH
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01/07 IWC Uniontown,PA
01/10 UWC TV Akron,OH
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01/24 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/28 IWC McKeesport,PA
02/11 Extreme War Cleveland,OH
02/12 Extreme War Sandusky,OH
02/18 IWC McKeesport,PA