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Wrestling Observer Online
The Internet's Best Wrestling News
PWR, a great fed out of Erie PA.
Pro Wrestling Torch
Another great source of wrestling
news and information.
Hardcore Homecoming
Shane Douglas' ECW Reunion promotion
New Era Pro Wrestling
One of Ohio and the countrys'
fastest rising indies!
IWA Mid-South
One of the better independant promotions in the US, featuring the top talent across the country
Extreme War
Official site for Extreme War, a new indy out of Cleveland,OH
Colt Cabana
Official website for "Classic" Colt Cabana
Josh Prohibition
Official site for the sexiest guy in indy wrestling, Josh Prohibition
Site of NWA-TNA, seen weekly on PPV
Chris Hamrick
Website for ECW's Confederate Currency
M-Dogg 20
Official site of Iron Matt Cross AKA One of the best athletes in wrestling and the man with hot diggity dog abs of steel M-Dogg 20
Cleveland All-Pro
Official Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling website
Raymond Rowe
Official site for Raymond Rowe, a great young worker out of Cleveland
One of PA's Top indy groups!
Official website of my big brother with different mothers of another color , Jabari
Mega Champ. Wrestling
The Official Site of MCW
Ring of Honor
One of the best promotions going today, and home of great video library as well
Dave Prazak
The Official Site of Dave Prazak
Chris Hero
The Official Site of Chris Hero
Old School Pro Wrestling
A promotion out of NY featuring J-Rocc
Good indy site, with a link to the indy message board, by god!
Website of the Leader of Klub Xtreme
10/04 UWC Akron,OH
10/08 Extreme War Cleveland,OH
10/11 UWC Akron,OH
10/18 UWC Akron,OH
10/22 PWR Erie,PA
10/29 IWC McKeesport,PA
11/19 Extreme War Euclid,OH
11/20 IWC Uniontown,PA
11/27 IWC McKeesport,PA
12/03 IWC Oil City,PA
12/06 UWC TV Akron,OH
12/13 UWC TV Akron,OH
12/20 UWC TV Akron,OH
12/27 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/03 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/07 IWC Uniontown,PA
01/10 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/14 UWC Akron,OH
01/17 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/24 UWC TV Akron,OH
01/28 IWC McKeesport,PA
02/11 Extreme War Cleveland,OH
02/12 Extreme War Sandusky,OH
02/18 IWC McKeesport,PA